Regret Rape

Historically, sex outside of marriage was illegal, sex other than no-condom-penis-in-vagina was illegal, and a woman could charge rape if her husband broke in to place when she wasn’t living with him.

Today, sex outside of marriage is legal, any kind of bizarre sodomy fetish is legal, and a woman has to prove she didn’t consent if she wants to accuse a man of rape.

This is empowering towards women?

No, requiring proof of consent is not empowering.  Regret rape, accusing a man of rape after consenting to sex outside of marriage, has always been possible.  But women have lost the power to accuse men who did sex acts that used to be illegal of rape without additionally proving consent, and have gained absolutely nothing for it.

So why do feminists like this idea of consent?

Is it because they hate marriage and the family?  Or is it so they can let niggers rape White women and then accuse those White women of doing the regret rape thing?

In fact, Hillary Clinton did precisely that.  She dragged a raped little girl’s name through the mud in court on behalf of a middle-aged nigger to prove her progressive bona fides as an up and coming young lawyer cunt, and laughed about it on a talk show in the ’90s.

The reason I’m bringing up consent is that if progressives are serious about pedosexuality, they’re going to have to do something about consent, since when pedosexual Todd Nickerson talks about the time he let a child lead him through a sex act, the obvious response is that that child could not have consented.  So they’ll make children able to consent, of course, they will only consent to virtuous pedophiles like Todd Nickerson and gay scout leaders.

Don’t forget, lauding perverts for bearing the cross of a disgusting fetish is cuckstain moral philosophy at its finest.  That, and legalizing miscegenation because a soul is a soul and all souls come from Yahweh, instead of children being created by their parents, and it not being decent to say the word nigger about a nigger who rapes a family friend, and all the rest of the ’50s moral preening the preceded the ’60s.

Yeshua gave up an honorable career as a carpenter to become a nazirite and preach about how you don’t need to do stuff for your community, in fact, being rich is harmful, all you need to do is prove how faithful you are by bragging about carrying a cross or whatever.  That drew quite a crowd – of people who weren’t too busy doing stuff for their community.

The atheist at NRO is absolutely right when he says that cuckstain morality isn’t anti-pedosexuality.  Cuckstains, you let this happen.


All the Pieces on the Board

Humans are governed by a collection of social expectations, a.k.a. nomos.

It is sort of true that control of weapons, a.k.a. hard power, is the way humans are governed.  However, the soldiers who wield those weapons are govered by the nomos.

It is sort of true that control of non-weapon resources, a.k.a. soft power, is also the way humans are governed.  But this is also subject to the social expectations.

One of the most important parts of the nomos is the Overton window, what a person can expect to be able to say.  Orwell wanted to talk about the Overton window, but couldn’t quite say it, so he talked about Newspeak as a restrictive language.

Another important part of the nomos is Schelling points, what people can expect each other to implicitly agree with.

When an idea is inside the Overton window, people can organize Schelling points around it.

Once the idea of resisting White genocide enters the Overton window, Whites can organize Schelling points around it, thereafter, we can secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.  Our racial enemies do not actually have hard power over us.

Now that Cucktianity has been largely brushed aside, the only real reason Whites are reluctant to acknowledge White genocide is the Civil Rights, which largely just formalized what the Cucktians were already doing when they passed it.

As we know, the Civil Rights makes it illegal to knowingly employ people with opinions outside of the Overton window in any position of moderate social status.

Thus, it was not strictly necessary to repeal the Civil Rights in order to begin mass redpilling, which is why so many people are secretly in the Alt Right and quietly trying to push the Overton window.

When the Civil Rights gets repealed, or even largely suppressed due to a presidential administration (perhaps of the guy who told Mygyn Kylly that “America doesn’t have time for political correctness”) refusing to enforce it (there’s precedent in the Obama administration for refusing to enforce laws the administration doesn’t like, see DOMA or immigration law), it will embolden people to openly discuss things (such as White genocide), and openly make fun of White anti-Whites instead of pretending to support them in any way, thereby largely eliminating the category of preening, sanctimonious White anti-Whites.  That is the way Whites win.




The way the Jews win is to get rid of the alt right on the Internet.  The alt right on the Internet is protected by a Schelling point in US law, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech”.  They need to figure out how to do an end run around that.

The way they do that is by comparing hatespeech to yelling fire in a movie theater or inciting a riot.

The way they build that comparison is by getting a few examples of a terrorism following a racism.

The way they do that is by requiring anyone who hears a racism to report it to local law enforcement.

The way they do that is by jailing Dylan Roof’s friend Joey Meek.  Joey Meek admitted to the FBI that he heard Dylan Roof say some hatespeech but didn’t take him seriously.

When people are legally required to inform the ADL on each other whenever they hear racism, not only does it make organizing Schelling points more difficult, but it also brings us one step closer to the suppression of the Internet alt right, thereby ending all organized dissent of the Jewish program of White genocide.


All the pieces are on the board now, the final fight will be over freedom of speech.  Any White who opposes freedom of speech now is pretty obviously a cuck.  They may say they’re a reactionary, but they’re really just a cuckactionary working to finalize the destruction of the White race and thus Western civilization.

From the Cucktians who supported the snivel rights to begin with for decency or whatever so their daughters could then be raped in hush crimes, to the libertarians who supported immigrant rights for freedom the immigrants would vote against, to the Cucktians who supported miscegenation because marriage only for the first abomination president to finish the job of forcing gay marriage, cucks receive nothing.


Nation and Nationalism


Life is a war of all against all.  And as anyone who has brushed their teeth knows, in a war of all against all, collaboration is a big win.

Kelp are formally independent.  They form sheets and face predation by sea urchins in order to access sunbeams.

In order to be sea urchins and sea otters, cells needed to lose their formal independence, becoming the mere ephemeral fingers of something larger than themselves.

Humans (not niggers) need to form cities to access jet fighters and nuclear missiles, to defend themselves against other humans (not niggers).  If humans fail to defend themselves, they get their Dresden firebombed, followed by ethnic cleansing from Kaliningrad in which the women aren’t even kept as sex slaves to reproduce halfling children but merely raped to death.  Well, that may be only what Jew-led relijews heebaric armies do, but the ethnic takeover is real.




There isn’t just one purpose for sex.  The first thing to notice is that it doesn’t really seem to make sense for the individual: why would the individual with enough resources to reproduced want to share those resources with another individual?

Every time DNA is copied, there is a chance for an error.  With a human sized genome, there are a handful of mutations in each new human.  There are two ways to deal with errors, ploidy and sex.  If you have two copies of each gene, having one copy damaged might not be fatal.  Of course, there’s no way of getting rid of the bad copy without sex, which gives you the opportunity to mate with someone with a clean copy and have a clean child.

Organisms that don’t reproduce sexually have small genomes, up to tens of megabytes.  Diploid sexually reproducing organisms have gigabytes of genome.  Tetraploid sexually reproducing organisms, like wheat, can have tens of gigabytes.

If these are good mutations, the recipient will presumably have more children, if they are bad mutations, the recipient will presumably have less children, the bad mutations are concentrated in the lumpen proles and the good mutations in the natural aristocracy.



But it still doesn’t really help the individual; evolution and the concentration of good genes in reproducing individuals help the reproductive community, a.k.a. nation.

Salmon die after they spawn, presumably so they won’t keep swimming around and eat the eggs, or so that their decaying bodies will feed the things that feed the next generation.  We would expect a bear to quietly cheer for the hunter who kills his neighbor, so he can then move in on that territory.  Up to 50% of baby alligators are eaten by adult alligators.

The continued existence of the reproductive community is what every sexually reproducing organism lives for in the biological sense, even though alligators eat their young.  Whites are much easier to convince to sell their own nation out than Jews.


Nationalism the impulse

Humans have an evolved desire to feel themselves to be part of something greater than themselves and be willing to sacrifice all that they are for it.  That thing is supposed to be the reproductive community, that has reproduced itself up to this point and needs the individual’s efforts to continue.  Cucktians say that instead of the nation, Christcucks should support Jesus, SJewWs say that instead of the nation, faggots should support transhumanism; at least the Cucktians give a plausible sounding explanation for the desire.

They say it comes from God.  This, the insistence on souls, is the most harmful part of the Cucktian religion.  By defining humans to be separate from other animals, we lose track of important parallels between human behavior and animal behavior and the fact that everything about human behavior must have an evolutionary description.

At this point, the more thoughtful Christcucks will say that God meant for everything about human behavior to evolve the way it has, and point to the fact that Mendel was a Catholic monk as evidence that institutional Christcuckery has always supported a scientific view of human nature.  Then those institutional Christcucks will continue following spiritual leaders that support mass importation of subhuman garbage into countries where that subhuman garbage will go about the business of defiling churches.


Nationalism the philosophy

Individuals don’t necessarily understand their patriotic impulse any more than they understand their impulse to romantic love, in fact, they are told emphatically to “channel” their patriotism and romantic love into dildos.

An individual can be socially engineered, i.e. lied to, about his nation.  Nation-builders, chieftly Cucktians, will say that by imposing a history and a language and shared cultural experiences like Disney movies on a people, they can be forged into a nation, if only there is the will.

Individuals can also be socially engineered to channel their romantic love into faggotry and transfaggotry.



After defining racial or subspecies distinction to be one of behavior, and nation to mean an actual biologically reproducing community, I would further like to define a relijewn as a meme that attempts to subvert to its own ends a person’s natural patriotic impulse.  Commjewism, Social Jewstice Warriorism, and Jewstianity are examples of relijewns.

Oðinnism, a.k.a. Åsätrü, is sort of a relijewn, depending on how seriously you’re into the faggotry aspect, versus trying to distance yourself from both cucktians and atheism+.  To the extent it subverts patriotism towards self-promotion, it’s a relijewn.

I would further like to define that the proper term for someone infected with a relijewn is a cuck.


Cucks and kikes

Margaret Thatcher replied to a journalist asking why she sank the Argentine boat that she dedicated what she had to, history would vindicate her, and poofters and trots in the media don’t care about anything but bringing her down.

She couldn’t say cucks and kikes.

Now we can.


In fact, we can even post ^ this kind of thing ^

Nationalism and White Nationalism

White nationalism only makes sense in White settler states like the US, European nations need their own local nationalism, since Whites in the US are a nation in the sense of all being part of the same reproductive community, while European nations are each their own reproductive community (that’s nations as reproductive communities, not countries).


White Nationalism and Menachem Moldberg

Menachem Moldberg offered us goyim that the subhuman street crime jihad could be ended if we openly surrendered to Fnarglwitz.  Unfortunately, he did not write his observations as a book, get it vetted by the rabbis in charge of every major publishing house, and published as the furthest right the Overton window will ever be allowed to slide.  Thanks to the Internet, things like Moonman exist, further to the right than what I am prepared to post (link is to Moonman’s album The Lunatic, so you know what to search for when it gets shoahed from Jewgle JewTube).

Moldberg’s post against White Nationalism was against it not as a philosophy, but as a political strategy.  Andrew Anglin replies to Moldbug.  Anglin says that in the future, each individual will have a choice, SJW all the way or total fascism.  Moldberg appears to think that the Bs of the BDH faction can avoid shoahing themselves long enough to shoah all the OVs.  But the Bs are already getting shoahed by gay niggers and we just watched them nervously try to justify the execution of people like themselves.  It looks like the signalarity will occur among the signalers.


I mean, sure, White women don’t deserve to get shot at even when they’re reporters.  But for the dude who was with her, and who had tried to hang out with Victor Flanagan after work – Flanagan went after the people who had been nicest to him, thus the people he recognized the most, not the people who had casually snubbed him, thus the people he didn’t think about – like a trap in a swimsuit, if you can’t see it, you deserve it.


I just realized that I need to pad this out to 1488 words, so,

A nigger, a kike, and an American are walking down the beach.  The sheeny sees something shiny and starts digging in the sand.  When the coon sees bling, he shoves the shyster aside and grabs it; it is a magic lantern and a genie appears and offers each of them one wish.

“Oh genie,” says the hymie, “I wish my people were freed of oppression and returned to Israel.”

“Granted,” says the genie, and the heeb vanishes.

“Oh genie,” says the jigaboo, “I wish my people were freed of oppression and returned to Africa.”

“Granted”, said the genie, and the velcrohead vanishes.

“And what is your wish?”, asks the genie to the American.

“So the niggers are all in Africa?” asks the American

“Yes”, says the genie.

“And the kikes are all in Israel?”

“Correct”, says the genie.

“Then”, says the American, “Can I have a coke?”


by the way check out my previous science post, what to replace sexual orientation theory with

You were born just in time to watch the world burn


Hey guys.  Did you all smoke a bowl for Hitler’s birthday?  I mean, assuming you live in a place where that isn’t still illegal, we do need to obey laws after all.

The bad guys have won every almost every conflict of the modern era.  The French weren’t the first to fall, either, they just fell harder than the English did.  It’s not just that any accumulation of social and material capital gets burned by a demotic fire.

Speaking of social capital, why is it that social capital is only talked about when it’s White social capital?  And of course, everyone needs equal access to White social capital.


Well anyway.  I got drunk at work today, because I’m a degenerate fucking faggot, and watched Baltimore burn.  The nigger sow mayor of Baltimore is named Rawlings-Blake.  That’s a very fitting name: the last thing that the English-Americans did before going into that good night was to give their names to their pets.

The English-American middle class not only had the greatest accumulation of material capital the world had ever seen, but their seed invested in the USA.  The Framers intended that only the English-American middle class would vote.  And then, well, Wolf Blitzer has been committing racial micro-aggressions against Blacks all day and should be fired.  So should all the racist police in Baltimore.

The funny thing about the X = X + power thing is that it recognizes that the political power enjoyed by minorities is tenuous, but the true power of White supremacy will not be erased unless, until, and to the extent that Whites blanda upp like in Egypt and India and Iran.

I’m not going to blame the Jews this time.  Whites didn’t have a scientific theory of race in the past, thus lacked racial loyalty, and used Jews and Turks and other mudbloods as weapons in their conflicts.

The Hindus before the Buddha had middle-class values.  My father and grandfather think they have middle-class values, like liberty and feminism and anti-racism, the middle-class values that made American great.

You know, the idea that I, a degenerate faggot, know more about what’s going on than productive members of the White middle class should be risible.  I should be a faggot mewling on the edge of society like the Buddhists, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, and other ridiculous morons who fuck niggers, or like the faggots of ancient Rome, hoping to confuse and waylay some hot chicks whose middle class parents don’t watch them well enough.  And that’s exactly what my Christian father and grandfather would think I was if I actually told them everything I thought.

The middle class doesn’t need to understand middle class values, they just need to be industrious and build social and material capital.

The word nigger is the most offensive word right now because White supremacy is the most taboo fact.

I thought that, if I ever posted another post, I would post the following about Christfaggotry –

here are some games to play with a christfag:

(1) offer him some tzatziki sauce to go with the agnus dei at church, which is always served dry

(2) ask him what a soul is.  Brew yourself some coffee while he responds.  When he finishes, throw the coffee in his face, call him a heretic, and insist on an incompatible description.

(3) Ask him, if God exists, why do niggers happen?  While he’s busy explaining with a mixture of retarded bullshit and heresy, rape his wife and impregnate her. He will tell her not to abort, because according to Aristotle and Aquinas, every blastocyst has a soul. Instead, he will ensure that your rapebaby is raised as well as if it was his own son, because, after all, it is his brother in Christ. But he might get sad. Perhaps he will go do missionary work for the Lᴏʀᴅ, and help his brothers in Christ in Nigeria build a sewer system for Lagos. Maybe he can even hook up with one of his equals there. Then he can go to a priest to clean his slate, if not his dick of herpes, and take his lovechild home to his wife, and teach it to read and write and hate the White man, and get a job as an educator, and a White wife, and a family of quadroons, who are all brothers in Christ and equal before the Lᴏʀᴅ.  Amen.

…but, really, is that even necessary?  Christfaggotry is utterly absurd, and so are Zoroastrianism and Buddhism, which were both invented by intelligent White men and led to the utter ruin of the White societies they infected.  But if it wasn’t those ideas, it would have been other ideas, any excuse for the dudes wondering why if they’re so smart they’re not as rich as the drunkard with an IQ of 90 and a big estate to fuck a nigger sow.

I know several good men of my parents’ generation who fucked Jewesses and have one Jew child; Belle Knox is apparently one of four Jew children of a Catholic White man.  It’s sadder and more dangerous than the men of my generation who fuck rice niggers, sadder since after alll men of my generation must be assumed to know nothing about anything, more dangerous because Jews are more dangerous than rice niggers.

Is there room for anything that isn’t insane, in a world of Communism vs Christianity?  Who could ever believe that every child wants to have sex with its mother?  That, and the Kinderladen movement, actually are more absurd and insane than anything Christians have ever done.  Of course, who would pay for foundations to study and promote a non-insane ideology?  Who would join?


Locke and Rousseau were right to look to the dawn of civilization, they were just wrong about how it happened.  Civilization became possible when there were enough industrious people with enough intelligence to be farmers, and enough really really smart people to direct them to do great things.  Then some smart, wrong people told a bunch of midwits things that midwits like to hear, and started political parties.  So it’s not that the bad guys keep winning.  It’s that the winners have more resources to empower midwits with, and thus fairly consistently are the bad guys.

OK good.  Now we have a version of Whig history to be just as smug about as they are, a simple line to mobilize an army of midwits with.

Right?  The Nazis, and today’s Nazis, are a movement of the middle class.  Is gas the kikes, race war now, or giving every nigger in the US a 250$ plane ticket to Africa for 10 billion dollars instead of paying more for their food stamps every year, really middle class values?  If you ask the middle class, you’ll probably hear that the White race and the middle class must be abolished for fairness and industriousness reasons, because, after all, fairness and industriousness are middle class values, and exclusion and destruction are not.

Awakening the sheeple is neither possible nor, really, desirable.  So, unlike the Marxists, who do express authentic middle class values, I actually have a scientific theory of human origins and development, and I’m actually not going to participate in building the next thing.

christfags = cuckfags lol

ask a Christfag, if God exists, why do niggers happen?

While he’s busy explaining with a mixture of retarded bullshit and heresy, rape his wife and impregnate her. He will tell her not to abort, because according to Aristotle and Aquinas, every blastocyst has a soul. Instead, he will ensure that your rapebaby is raised as well as if it was his own son, because, after all, it is his brother in Christ. But he might get sad. Perhaps he will go do missionary work for the Lᴏʀᴅ, and help his brothers in Christ in Nigeria build a sewer system for Lagos. Maybe he can even hook up with one of his equals there. Then he can go to a priest to clean his slate, if not his dick of herpes, and take his lovechild home to his wife, and teach it to read and write and hate the White man, and get a job as an educator, and a White wife, and a family of quadroons, who are all brothers in Christ and equal before the Lᴏʀᴅ.  Amen.

Christfags = cuckfags lol

Nick B. Steves will probably say, lol, good luck getting near my wife.  After all, Christianity does help White communities be communities and defend themselves, until the wives get bored and want some pets


But that can happen to anyone, christfag or not, right?

Who paid for abolitionism, prohibition, and other nanny state degeneracy and faggotry?  Christfags.  When Margaret Mead was lying about Samoan cultural norms about sexuality, who was she cucking?  A christfag.  But a Lutheran christfag.  So maybe Catholicism is safe from cucking?  After all, it’s not Catholicism’s fault that Hitler lost WWII and Spain and Italy ended up like France and Germany but poorer, right?  It’s not Catholicism’s fault that the Pope is forced to wash the feet of the


and entertain the notion of transsexuality along with a bunch of trannies.

E. Michael Jones wrote a book, Degenerate Moderns, (which, by the way, is not the first book Alex Linder has told me about) which I have to like from the title, and have to dislike from about page 31 when he starts with the christfaggotry.

The book ends with Freeman espousing a mechanistic philosophy that confuses human nature with biology and is full of all sorts of incantations and evolutionary mumbo-jumbo.

Cultural adaptations, [Freeman tells us] are made possible by the evolutionary emergence of what Ernst Mayr has terms open programs of behavior, resulting from a gradual opening up of a genetic program to permit the incorporation of personally acquired information to an ever-greater extent…

Within an open program of behavior, then, a choice is made by the brain or in other parts of the nervous system between two or more responses to produce what Bonner calls “multiple-choice behavior.”

The appearance of culture is thus to be viewed as a “new niche that arose from the experimentation of animals with multiple-choice behavior…” With all due respect to Professor Freeman andthe service he has done in exposing Margaret Mead, this is simply mechanistic nonsense, little better than the cultural determinist nonsense that Mead propagated.  The brain is about as capable of choosing as it is of playing tennis.  Only the mind can make choices, and to say that the brain and the mind are the same thing is the crudest type of materialism.  It is like saying that radios can predict the weather.  Freeman’s nosedive at the end of his book is a sad denouement to a sound piece of anthropology.  It is also a pretty good indication of the general poverty of intellectual discourse in the twentieth century.  The anthopological pendulum swings from racist mumbo-jumbo to cultural relativism and then can find nowhere else to go but back again to a hopefully more benign form of the type of mechanism it left in the first place.

In the midst of this, the crucial question about human nature continues to go unanswered.  Is it a mere function of superego or culture, as Mead claimed?  Or is it to be discovered by ever more meticulous dissection of DNA?  The answer is that it is neither.  Neither alternative is anything more than a blind alley that has already been tried more than once and been found wanting.

Beyond that, Freeman’s myopia about human nature prevents him from answering probably the most important question of his study…

E. Michael Jones published this book in 1993.  He hangs out at , which is unknown for having accomplished absolutely nothing.  Hey Jones, why don’t you call me when you’re ready to take things a little more seriously.

Spandrell still thinks that human souls make all humans the same.  That calling a deer a horse story applies to the insectoid riceniggers, not humans.  Spandrell needs some han sanitizer (as do Vancouver and Tibet).  Whites have a deep-seated need to know the truth and do useful work, which, being harder to explain than gook behavior, lead muddleheaded men like E. Michael Jones to believe that Whites have these ‘souls’, after which, well, their accomplishments stand for themselves.

Opus Dei has great people, doesn’t it.  So did and do the Jesuits.  Why do the Jesuits spend more time promoting degeneracy than fighting it?  Do they know something we don’t?


Anyway, the Gnon compromise has collapsed (hey Spandrell, I’m social signaling to the other atheist NRxers to revoke that compromise, smash the Christians, and rape their wives), and NRx is wondering whether to be the smart and honest segment of the alt right, or the autistic lesswronger segment, or whatever.  I mean, Andrew Anglin would never post something like this, because he’s too busy trying to keep people from arguing about religion on his website and claims to believe in Jesus because his ancestors did and they are not stupid.  There’s a niche for exploratory alt-right content that would be problematic for Andrew Anglin to post.  But there’s also a niche to talk about social signaling, to social signal to each other about who’s the leader, or to just hang out and bitch about not being allowed to say the word nigger at work.  I’m mostly here for the bitching anyway.

30 years later

In The Slums of Academe

According to a despatch from the United Press, published in the Portland Oregonian on 16 April and doubtless other newspapers, a jury in Atlanta awarded $2,500,000 to a young woman, formerly an instructress in the University of Georgia, who was fired from her untenured position because she objected to the almost universal practice of diploma-mills, which hire big hunks fo muscle, chifly Black bucks, to advectise the joint by winning athletic contests, although the animals are functionally or entirely illiterate, and then forge academic records to make them seem eligible for what is called “amateur sport” in a bad joke at which some members of the public are too naive to laugh.

The verdict against the University brought to public attention some interesting details about such slums and the vending of fraudulent diplomas, which is one of the largest and crookedest businesses in the United States.  One little shyster on the faculty denounced poor Miss Kamp for being so “provincial” as to think that there was any place for honesty in the pseudo-academic racket.  It is quite true that if she had not been a young teacher, holding the lowest rank in a university, she would have had sufficient experience to see that there was no such place, except in the reactionary minds of a few old fogeys and of stupid romantics who still believe in learning and culture, although they live in a modern Judaized world.

Although Miss Kamp made twenty-three calls and wrote two letters before taking action, she was never admitted to the august presence of the head goon, who has now been forced to resign.  He is reported in the press as having defended the University by saying, with childish solemnity, “If the ‘athletes’ leave us being able to read, write, communicate better, we have done them no harm.”!  Years ago, I new an attorney who had acquired a reputation and fortune by defending persons accused of crime.  He once told me, “You cannot believe, you could not imagine, just how God-damned dumb those moral idiots are.”

It is pleasant to see the University of Georgia get a small bit of what it deserves, but we must not lose our perspective.  It has been decades since any intelligent observer could have illusions about the very expensive publicity stunts staged by the big diploma-manufacturers and called ‘athletics,’ appropriating a name given such contests when they were carried on by undergraduates for their own amusement and at their own expense, without interference or meddling by the college, which in those far-off days was an educational institution, privately endowed, and not a bleeding cancer on the treasury and tax-payers of a state or other political unit.

The real corruption of the universities is not in their dishonest advertising stunts, but in their dishonest and fraudulent classes, in which putrid propaganda is purveyed as “science” and “scholarship”.  But that is an entirely different subject.

Commentig on the scandal in Atlasta, Dr. Robert Kreiser of the American Association of University Professors suggested that “the enormity of the situation at the University of Georgia is only the tip of the iceberg,” and there are rumors of investigations of the many institutions that are equally corrupt.  If the investigations take place, they will probably produce tons of spoiled paper, endless gabbling, and limitless lying, but no real result.

This particular aspect of the ‘educational” slums that tax-payers finance is likely to be corrected soon, but not by a sudden outbreak of honesty.  One only has to project the probably ineluctable future of a bankrupt, demoralize, and besotted nation, now occupied by its implacable enemies.

The academic goons had better make haste to profit as much as they can for the fatuity of the populace while the boobs still think they are prosperous.  The Ice Man cometh.

That isn’t me writing now.  That’s Revilo Oliver writing in Liberty Bell magazine, October, 1986

The boobs have continued to think they are prosperous up until the present.  The classes for athletes have been exposed time and again, in particular last year they were shown to in some cases not even be held.  The justification that people passing through the universities could maybe learn to read, write or communicate better has extended to every single student, including and especially the ones with student loans. But, athletics isn’t just about advertising any more – now it brings in money and niggers.  It is hard to determine which is more important to the modern university.

Well anyway, after 30 years, there are a lot of things different.  I’m hoping that one of them is the Internet, and that it’s here to stay and constantly remind people of the past.  But, progressives are beginning to notice hatespeech on the Internet, and it won’t be long before they claim that Internet companies that knowing host hatespeech are violating the civil rights of either their redguard employees or any redguards with any business relationship with them or just anyone.  Twitter has only been banning people who directly harass people of color (who get Whites arrested for calling names), and YouTube has mostly restricted itself to talking about deleting David Duke’s channel over some bullshit copyright infringement.  But when it comes time to accuse hatespeech hosters of civil rights violations, CloudFlare won’t protect Andrew Anglin from DDoSes, and if that’s not enough, the hosting companies that are willing to host hateful content are the most obviously guilty.

When this becomes an issue, we need to hope that Republicans do their job of blocking, bullshitting, stalling, lying, and delaying, instead of making it a bipartisan thing by banning porn at the same time.  Or, you know, since it’s not ten years ago any more, whatever culture war nonsense that they’re supposed to be pretending to care about now.

In a sense, I’m glad the Internet came around as late as it did.  It would have been much easier to censor it in the name of protecting people from porn and hatespeech if it had appeared any sooner.

Zippy for Racists: Usury is bad k

As Jim keeps saying, progressives believe that all religions are progressivism when interpreted correctly.  They also believe that all current hominids, from Australoids to Pygmies, are really northern european Whites when raised correctly.  If it was true, the residual sentimental white skin prejudice would melt away when white-skinned people met other people who aren’t actually different except for how they look, and racism would be seen as a pathetic gambit to temporarily retain some white skin privilege.  As Moldbug says, this was not totally excluded in the literature in the middle of the last century, and, of course, at the beginning of the last century, Spengler wrote some history of the world stuff that totally ignored race and the Jews.

Well anyway, Jim also told me that the universities aren’t going to just melt away and all the professors of creative writing and calculus to be reduced to begging for hot dogs outside 7-11, he thinks it will take some kind of forceful military thing or whatever.  But I should really prefer to use Wendys as my example fast food, because it’s the only national chain that uses a White woman in its advertising material 14/88 o/


fig. 1.  the progressive theory of governance and war in action

I’m a racist.  Racism is so obvious, it takes a particularly mendacious clever silly to claim not to believe it.  Bob Whitaker calls all alternatives to racism ‘wordism’.  Zippy is a Catholic, and it’s possible to be a racist Catholic in the same sense that it’s possible to be a progressive Catholic.  The bottom line is that while Catholics recognize that Blacks have souls, racists recognize that Blacks are less soulful than the elephants they are exterminating.

But we all know all of this.  That’s why all the old guard neoreactionaries have fallen silent, everyone pretty much already knows everything.  But then Free Northerner had some trouble reading Zippy on the topic of usury, because Zippy is a Catholic.

The biggest mistake Free Northerner makes is inventing a distinction between consumption and investment.  Probably the best example here is when Jacob jewed Esau out of his birthright.  Esau was sick, Jacob named his price; if you think this has nothing to do with investment, consider what normal people mean when they talk about investments in components for their gaming and porn viewing PC.  Or, if you don’t like talking about what normal people say as if they know what they’re talking about, consider Free Northerner’s example of consumptive loans, the student loans that are obviously a bad investment for most people who take them.  A bad investment is still an investment.  Time is the coin of our lives and we should invest in the future of our race, etc, hail victory.

The reason Free Northerner needs to do this is that he doesn’t take Zippy’s definition of usury seriously, because he does take the time value of money seriously, presumably because he was made to calculate it over and over in calculus 2.

Zippy doesn’t talk much about the time value of money besides saying that expecting interest on a loan is like if a gambler were to expect payment for the risk he incurs.

There are two issues here.  It is true that a dollar in 2010 would buy a double cheeseburger, while a McDouble in 2015 costs $1.29 (at Wendys, however, a coffee is still under a buck, and comes with real cream).  I don’t think Zippy would disagree about returning the same amount of money regardless of what the government does.  Talking about time value of money conflates inflation with opportunity cost.

As a Catholic, Zippy is doing the usual physicist thing of deriving equations that predict observations, and he expects you to acknowledge Aristotle and Aquinas.  Catholics believe in natural and divine law, and stuff.

The historically usual case of usury was for a farmer to need a loan and the Jew to end up owning the farm.  Incidentally, in Shakespeare’s story, Shylock’s loan isn’t usurious because a pound of flesh is the collateral.  If the debtor signs everything he owns as collateral, I’m not sure what Zippy would say about it except that people have a wide moral latitude to permit themselves to be victimized (and if a Catholic woman gets knocked up after being raped, it’s a mortal sin for her to abort).  Unless we want to specify that the value of collateral must be less than or equal to the value of the loan, and furthermore, Antonio’s ass is worth 3000 ducats (that’s not actually what happened in the play, of course; Shylock was offered his money back).

In Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, the White family comes up with the money to pay the Jew who demands the rest of the mortgaged principal all at once or he forecloses on their farm and they’re back to serfdom.  However, due to the United States Constitution, the Jew has to accept the money, and the family is saved.  Well, I guess books you read in middle school should support the Constitution.

Okay, I’ve gone on long enough.  The point is predatory lending.  Not consumptive lending, whatever that means, not non-collateralized lending which tries to reify opportunity costs or as Aristotle said make money reproduce or whatever.  Non-collateralized lending is a decent rubric to decide when lending is predatory, and if you care about mortal sins being well-defined, I guess you want that.  I mean, I want mortal sins to be well defined too.  Formalism is a good idea.

Predatory lending is bad for the community because it gives resources to predators, who are greasy short-armed characters who rub their hands together incessantly and have noses like cat’s claws.

Free Northerner might have gotten his idea of consumptive loans from reading Crime and Punishment, in which this NEET funds his worthless lifestyle by selling everything he owns to a pawnbroker.  Also in that book, some drunk gets an advance on his salary, drinks it away, and then gets run over by a car.  The point Dostoyevsky was trying to make is that Russia needs a Communist government to control vice, for which the Tsar almost shot him.

Unlike Dostoyevsky, I don’t think we need Communism to control vice, I think private government is a better solution.  Put the people who would take predatory loans under the control of people who know better.  But Dostoyevsky is worth reading because his descriptions of his world are brilliant.  He makes you feel sorry for all those r-selected types and their K-selected family members who try to look after them.  It’s actually the comment of Free Northerner’s commenter that I wanted to address here.  Do the r-selected need pressure like payday loans to keep them in their place?  Or can they be controlled by other means?  I mean, obviously, that’s a rhetorical question.

It would be weird of me to end an article without insulting Henry Dampier, so, hey Henry, you’re still a moron.

Endgame news

(1) Hungarian prime minister explicitly rejects the consensus:

As I see the the light of European political life, not only do I sense the lack of reassuring answers, I am not even sure they understand the questions at all.

We therefore let go of neoliberal economic policy, and perhaps we did so as late as we possibly could have; we let go of the policy of austerity, just before we were about to share the fate of Greece; we let go of the delusion of the multicultural society before it turned Hungary into a refugee camp, and we let go of liberal social policy which does not acknowledge the common good and denies Christian culture as the natural foundation – and perhaps the only natural foundation – for the organization of European societies. We decided to face the barrage of unfair attacks and accusations, and also let go of the dogma of political correctness.

And as far as I see it, Hungarian people are by nature politically incorrect – in other words, they have not yet lost their common sense.

(2) Greek Communists promised not to sign the Troika memorandum.  They signed the loan agreement with the international partners.  Who exactly do they think they’re fooling?  The Cathedral bought itself a year by running an explicitly communist party.  In that year, they did not suicide the Golden Dawn leadership in prison and offer plata o plomo to the rest.  The 18 months that they are allowed to hold the Golden Dawn leadership in prison before trial is up, they will have to go forward with a trial now, which is going to be even more of a farce than the George Zimmerman trial.

Maybe the best option for Greece is for the government to go bankrupt, the country to be bought by Karl von Habsburg, who would presumably assign Constantine II to manage it.  A more likely option is Golden Dawn.  The Greek media is apparently hoping that their new political party, staffed by journalists, might be able to get enough votes to coalition with some other parties and avoid a Golden Dawn government.

(3) Jesse Jackson suggests that businesses not be permitted to leave the ghettoes.  Which means even he has given up on more federal loans to for minority-owned businesses.

Let’s talk about short stories I read in middle school.  I read Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron, in which Vonnegut, an Old Leftist, makes fun of the New Left.  He also wrote Player Piano, in which he predicts the end of the Old Left when automation takes over; he could not have imagined that insourcing and outsourcing would have also contributed because most people back then didn’t really think much of race for some reason lol.  I thought Harrison Bergeron was a little over the top.  Another short story I read in middle school was The Lottery, in which a town needs to sacrifice a human every year for some reason lol.  I thought it was also over the top.

So what just happened at the University of Oklahoma is some students sang a blatantly illegal song and their frat was shut down as expeditiously as possible.  The song that was sung make the frat blatantly illegal, and the University would have been illegal if it didn’t dissociate itself from the frat immediately, so what the University did was really measured and reasonable within the prevailing assumptions, and, after all, it’s illegal to question those assumptions.  The only way the University can control what frat houses people live in is to threaten to expel them, so that’s what it did.

It was still disgusting and horrifying.  I realize that this isn’t the place for maudlin bluster like any system that needs to be maintained by nauseating threats will eventually need to carry out those threats, but, any system that needs to be maintained by nauseating threats will eventually need to carry out those threats.

In America, ten men drive around the mountains in ten cars, one of them with bad brakes.  The next day nine visit the one in the hospital.  In France, ten men court ten beautiful women, one of whom has AIDS, make love to them all night, and the next day nine of them visit the one in the hospital.  In Russia, ten men get drunk and tell political jokes all night, one of whom is a KGB informer.  The next day, one of them visits the nine in jail.

This movie that somehow got produced recently, The Purge, was basically the kind of short story that the kids in my class were assigned to write after reading those short stories.  Even so, it puts to us a poignant question.  It shows us a worthless nigger, and asks us if he should be killed for being a worthless nigger.  Give a dog a bad name and you can hang him by it, right?  The White answer is, no, we do not mistreat animals.

The extent to which people believe in the system of anti-racism is the extent to which they believe that if they stop believing in anti-racism, animals will be mistreated.

It’s just not a progressive world anymore.  Maybe NRx isn’t needed anymore because we’re not living in a progressive world anymore.

The news that it’s not a blue world anymore has reached by xbf, who has thus retreated from politics confused.  I selfishly don’t want to argue with him, because I value his perspective.  I was hanging out with him, being a shabbos goy and making hamentashen for purim, and he recited this factoid that there were no Christian dark ages.  It’s not consistent with the other things he thinks, of course, but it sounds smart, and that’s enough for someone with an 1-2σ IQ; at least he isn’t gay enough to pass off these factoids as his own insights and blog about them, unlike Henry Dampier.

One thing I like to do with him is go outside and look at the stars.  All the planets have Roman names, but many of the stars, such as Altair and Aldebaran, Deneb and Denebola, have these durka durka names.  Rigel, for example, is dune coon for left shoe of the suicide bomber.  Betelgeuse is towelhead for bloody hand of the beheader.  The ancient Greeks, of course, not only knew about all the stars of magnitude class 5 and above, they charted the movements of the planets, using this technique called epicycles that’s less insane than the Father being consubstantial and begetting but not making the Son (genitum non factum.  (This song is reverently sung, it’s beautiful, and…)), in Ptolemy’s Almagest.  The reason it’s the Almagest is that this magesterial tome was read through translation from sandniggerese by the Renaissance.

The things that ISIS blows up, people have already taken pictures of.  Monks copying the Bible over and over would erase and write over other books that were deemed less important.  Who knows what they burned?  What could possibly be more important than the salvation of souls?

Perhaps they were spiritually crushed by the inexplicable collapse of the Empire and sought solace in a religion that told them they could trust that the invisible empire of God was watching, that their sins could be forgiven, that they should trust God and do the right thing.  The Empire proved mortal, but they could be personally immortal.  At any rate, White people sure love killing each other over millennial cults offering personal immortality in exchange for their future and the future of their people.

Newton wanted to calculate how long the universe had existed.  He was stuck with a garbage metaphysics, so his painstaking calculations are worthless, but at least he calculated something, unlike his contemporary Leibniz who commented on why if God exists do bad things happen (incidentally, when believers want to tell other people to believe, they ask why if God doesn’t exist do good things happen).  Newton also came up with good optics and solved a problem people were having with lenses.  He also decided that there were 7 colors in a rainbow to match the 7 laws that God gave in his covenant after the flood, thus forcing every schoolboy to learn that indigo means dark blue and fits between blue and purple somehow.

Newton and Leibniz were in the 16th century.  In the 13th century, the smartest thing anyone could talk about is the properties of angels.  That’s not to say that Christianity is entirely useless to civilization.  Charles Martel, John Sobiesky, and the Reconquista aren’t nothing.  God can’t tell cannons to accept larger loads without exploding, you need metallurgy for that, but God can tell the Holy League to set aside their differences and defeat a materially superior Turkish fleet.  Thus – and these battle lines were set long before any of us were born – some people want religion to fight degeneracy and to serve the race, and are suspected of not taking religion seriously, and others who are muddle-headed enough to believe in anything discuss whether religion implies that degeneracy is great.  But anyway.  I’m not qualified to comment on whether a dark age was necessary after the Fall of Rome, how long it had to take, and whether the form it took was more or less destructive than whatever else might have happened.

So let’s talk about anime.  There’s this anime, The Devil is a Part-Timer, in which Satan and a hero, the daughter of an angel by a human, end up in Japan, and get jobs and don’t want to go back.  The hero is, of course, like the Greek heroes; just as we don’t understand how the Japanese can acknowledge both Shinto and Buddhism, they probably don’t understand the distinction between Greek paganism and Christianity, especially considering that so many Western artists have used both.  Anyway, they would rather be Japanese part-timers.  I mean, who wouldn’t rather be a Japanese part-timer, besides a few White supremacists sitting on the third floor, if that, or a creaky old building, scratching the turdlets from his butthole with paper because he hasn’t invented a bidet, dreaming of the old days when Western cities were the envy of the world, waiting for gas the kikes race war now?

The alternative right aren’t the only people who know why we can’t have subways and skyscrapers.  Jesse Jackson just admitted it, and after over 50 years of being told the IQ gap and more importantly the civilized behavior gap are going to close in the next 15 years, well, communism started in the USSR in the ’20s and stopped in the ’90s, so if antiracism collapses within the next ten years, it will be right on schedule.

But this is really the endgame, because the legitimacy of the Cathedralist consensus has utterly collapsed, and it is being openly defied.

Anyway, Twitter is for shouting slogans.  But that’s enough, because the analytical work of NRx was finished long ago, NRx is not needed by people who are already prepared to question the things Moldbug slowly brings up in his Open Letter, and it seems that the only thing left to do is argue about who’s the leader or bitch about not being allowed to say the word nigger at work or whatever.

The Dual Telos

For some reason, I thought the racism in my last post would be the most interesting thing, but at any other time or place racism is obvious and not even worth saying.  Well anyway, when you think the dual telos of sex is orgasm and bragging rights, it’s only logical, and, of course, women are interested in men who do things that other men don’t like, especially when it’s things that other men can’t explain why or are next to prohibited from saying why.  It’s not the best strategy.  The PUAs can certainly say that they’ve “had sex with” more and hotter women.

Someone somewhere once said, we’re a bunch of brainless zombies who wish we were heartless vampires.  On some level, being honest with men is more comfortable.

Here’s an argument that made sense to me five years ago.  Thesis: find a life-partner of the opposite sex.  Antithesis: find a life-partner who understands you by choosing same sex.  Synthesis: choose your partner without choosing their gender first.

What’s wrong with it, other than being automatist? (cf. Moldbug, Reservationist Epistomology; an automatist argument is one that is designed to make the conclusion look official, instead of be correct.)  When you understand that no one cares about life-partners, you will also understand why “PUA rhymes with gay” (– Moldbug).  The first hint is that no one had a word for life-partner before recently.

Also, the Romans didn’t have a word for homosexual, but all kinds of words for various sex acts.  Which people now, including me five years ago, want to interpret as implying nondiscrimination.  It’s laughable, and it’s the kind of thing that no one who has any real familiarity with Rome, or human nature, would believe.  But when you’re raised with a studiously warped view of human nature and history, well, you know.

No one cares about love or life-partners or whatever.  As Jim ably points out, the dual telos of sex is reproduction and unity to preserve the family unit over the two decades it takes to raise children to adulthood.

Not that that’s saying very much.  The Alabama Supreme Court just pointed out that the government doesn’t care about love with respect to marriage.  I’m not here to rehash old arguments for the millionth time.  Here’s something you might not have heard of:

In all of the world’s history, so far as I know, there has been just one Socialist state that did operate for the welfare of its population rather than the profit and amusement of its rulers. And I have yet to meet a Socialist who has even heard, however vaguely, of that state.
That state was located in a region which is now divided between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. It was the product of an exceptional combination of factors that is not likely ever to recur. It is, however, the only known instance of a Socialism that could be described as humane; and, as such, should command the attention of everyone interested in Socialism as a form of social organization rather than as a means of undermining and destroying Western civilization. What is now the small province of Missiones in Argentina, together with strips of adjacent territory in Paraguay and Brazil, has fertile soil and a temperate climate. In this region, from 1638 to 1750, existed the optimum conditions for the operation of a successful Socialism, viz. a large and docile population of a physically distinct and obviously inferior race, and a small body of capable administrators of a physically distinct and obviously superior race – and what makes the combination absolutely unique, those administrators were genuinely self-sacrificing.
(1) The Guarani Indians were by no means at the bottom of the scale of human races: they were superior to the inhabitants of many “independent states” that are members of the ‘” United Nations.” They were innately lazy, shiftless, and somewhat stupid. They were savages, with no permanent family relationships and no conception of private property, other than in the bits of clothing they were wearing or the spear they held in their hand. They were completely feckless: if provided with seed and taught to cultivate the soil, they would, if left to themselves, consume the entire harvest, for their primitive minds would not think of saving seed for next year’s planting. But they seem not to have been innately vicious. They were easily domesticated and, in the hands of the Jesuits, became docile. They were brave, and, when trained and commanded by the Jesuits, 333made excellent soldiers, to the astonishment of the whole world.
(2) The Jesuit Fathers were not only members of a superior race, but belonged to a small minority within that race. As a body, they were drawn from the most intelligent part of the European population, and they had received a rigorous and thorough education. That education reflected, in large part, the Renaissance ideal of the uomo universale. ‘They were good Latinists and swordsmen; they knew the essentials of architecture and music; they were acquainted with the etiquette of polite society and military tactics; and, above all, they knew how to learn whatever they might need to know for the task to which they were assigned. And, naturally, the Jesuits who were sent, by the General of their Order, to Paraguay understood the task before them.
There was no idiotic twaddle about “equality.” As Julius Cordara, who was certainly the most learned and acute of the Jesuits of the Eighteenth Century, put it, the Guaranis were feris bestiis quam hominibus similiores. The Jesuits, however, firmly believed that those subhumans had divinely created souls, which were to be saved by religious rites and the imposition of moral conduct. That was the task to which the Jesuits sent to Paraguay were assigned, and, with remarkable efficiency and unassuming heroism, they, armed with authority from the King of Spain, proceeded to carry it out.
The Jesuits, furthermore, were disinterested men, of a kind that the world is not likely to see again. Vowed to celibacy, they could have no thought of establishing and advancing families. Vowed to absolute obedience to their General, the only personal ambition open to them was to rise in the Order, and since the General might any day send any or all of them to the other end of the earth, no one of them could think of establishing a personal power. And each firmly believed that the sacrifice of his own life, whether in a moment of martyrdom at the hands of savages or in years of humble labor for the benefit of his inferiors, was in obedience to the inscrutable decrees of God.
With amazing self-sacrifice, with courage and humility, with just the right combination of persuasion and coercion, the Jesuits settled the Guaranis in villages, set them to work cultivating fields and building churches and houses, and regulated their whole lives. They baptized them, married them to well selected mates, and told them what to do each day. The Jesuits sent their wards to work in the morning, called them in in the afternoon, set them to singing, dancing, and playing approved games, and then sent them to bed at the proper hour. The products of the fields and the workshops went to community warehouses, to be dispensed to the population as the Fathers thought best or to be exported and traded for whatever the community needed and could not yet manufacture for itself. Twice each year, the males who had reached the age of seventeen and the females who were fifteen were assembled and mated. The Jesuits permitted no other white men to enter their territory, except a few inconvenient but privileged visitors who carried letters from the King of Spain.
It is beyond question that the Jesuits gave the Guaranis a life far happier than any they had known before or were to know afterwards.
In 1750, the stupid King of Spain, as part of a treaty devised (as usual) by “experts,” gave the Jesuit territory to Portugal. The Jesuits, unwilling to see the liquidation of the little state they had established and made to function so well, resisted, and they had trained their native troops with such efficiency that it required the combined armies of Spain and Portugal to defeat them. And that victory cost so much that the pertinent part of the Treaty of 1750 was abrogated. In 1767, on orders from Madrid, the Jesuits were arrested by treachery and deported with the utmost inhumanity. (That was only a few years before the whole Order was suppressed and outlawed by the Pope.) The aborigines, of course, reverted to barbarism. Families disappeared; alcohol was imported; and a large part of the population either killed one another or drank themselves to death.

Revilo Oliver, America’s Decline, pages 333 to 335

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call the Jesuits the flower of European manhood.  What did they accomplish?  They stood around circlejerking over a bunch of savages.  Great job guys.  It’s only logical when you believe in souls, isn’t it.  Caesar is said to have commented on how it might improve morale if his troops believed in souls.  Would it?  Or would it improve morale to know what they are and what they are doing?  I mean, not to second-guess Caesar or anything.

Individuals also have a dual telos; it is possible for a man to do something for his family and race other than reproduce.  The medieval priests who supported their communities, they supported their communities.  Legend has it, King Arthur put up with Lancelot sleeping with Guinevere behind his back for reasons of state: that’s the way of a White man, not to act on immediate passions but to think first and endure an insult if necessary.  Mendel did more for the White race than if he had sired six children or sixteen PUAs.

Well anyway.  Spandrell’s latest argues that people disagree with authorities for the social signaling.  I mean, it’s true, as far as it goes, but it’s not Aryan; and we academics must also coordinate our efforts to develop an Aryan NRx.  Maybe the rice-niggers Spandrell hangs out will only agree or disagree based on social signaling, that’s probably how their hive mind functions, but Aryans have a deep-seated yearning for the truth, as when the All-father tore out his eye for knowledge.

Whites really do care about the truth.  They really are disturbed by stories about mistreatment of women, animals, Jews, and niggers.  They really do want fairness even if they need to pay for it.  After the fall of the USSR, and now that everyone knows the Venezuelan experiment is a disappointment, it’s harder to get Whites to lie for communism.  But they’ll still lie for the retarded milennial cult of transhumanism, and tell five year olds who don’t figure out gender fast enough that they’re super cool transpeople.

Spandrell’s latest is probably the best statement of one side of neoreaction, I call it the textbook side to dismiss it, that I suppose the best name for is neoreaction, since it lacks another name – the side in which social signaling is great and ethnic differences don’t matter except that diversity + proximity = war.  You want the word neoreaction?  Fine, take the word.  I’m not a neoreactionary then.  You don’t need to care specifically about the interests of the Aryan race to understand how important race is to history.  Have fun with your activism that no one cares about based on halfway politically correct claims about the world.  You think you’ve solved Seneca and Spengler’s problem with social signaling, but… race is real.

And another thing.  The logical conclusion of Spandrell’s argument is burning the books and burying the scholars.  That may well be what rice-niggers need.  Their emperors, after all, did that sort of thing repeatedly.  That’s not what Whites need.  Whites consider burning books and burying scholars to be horrible crimes, that are only committed by milennialist fanatics such as Christians and Communists.  What Whites need more than anything is to see through hoaxes, especially now.  We need academic freedom and freedom of speech.

Spandrell is, of course, the chair of the department of East Asian studies, and he says lots of interesting things.  I’m criticizing his writing because it’s good.

Some day I’d like to read a good history of Byzantium.  Constantine XI Paiaologos said

But you are men, men of stout heart, and you will hold at bay these dumb brutes, thrusting your spears and swords into them, so that they will know that they are fighting not against their own kind but against the masters of animals.

which, apparently, was empty bluster.  What happened?  Whatever it was took longer than and so probably wasn’t the same as what happened to Rome.  Did it take that long for Christianity to destroy their sense of the world?

God can tell people to copy the Bible another ten thousand times by hand and comment on the theological problem of evil or how to reconcile divine intervention in everyone’s daily life with God’s world that He ordered at the beginning of time in every detail, but, God can’t tell cannons to accept bigger loads without exploding.  The West had semi-autonomous domains and almost constant warfare, so there was always a need for technological improvements.

Well, whatever happened, I don’t know if I can trust Golden Dawn to write it.  They probably don’t want to talk about the mongrelization of the Greeks, or the pernicious effects of Christianity, or whatever else.  They would prefer to say that the West refused to help and even sacked Constantinople, and then Mehmet came to the ancient walls of Constantinople with cannons, and everyone knows that walls can’t survive against cannons.  They should want to know.  They should want every Greek to know.  But they’re activists, and, you know,

David Duke is one of the world’s leading activists.  He says we’re not getting the whole truth.  Of course not, and I suppose no enemies to the right means I shouldn’t call him disingenuous, tl;dr, and infused with a salubrious Christianity.  He also says he’s not a holocaust denier.  His chapter of Jewish Supremacy about the holocaust is excellent.  He knows what he’s doing – his book isn’t considered anti-Semitic in Russia.  I laugh every time he says ‘thus I discovered….’ ‘then I realized…’, obviously he’s using fiction to express what he thinks other people should do.  The book isn’t written for me.  He’s reaching lots of people with it.

Henry Dampier thinks he’s an activist too.  Any day now people will flock to his blog and read about how great it’s going to be when his blog gets censored (come on man worse is better for communists).   Or like, whatever, maybe his personal reflections help him in his activism and I can help by ignoring him.  I wish I knew how to quit blogging, it seems to be the only way to get these thoughts out of my head so I can think about other things.  So come on man.  Say something of consequence.  Anissimov wrote up a history of the Habsburg monarchy, which was timely and useful.

There’s a dual telos to historical and political writing as well; no matter how academic your writing is, it also functions to bolster and encourage activists.  So the distiction between the Aniversity and the riffraff at DailyStormer (link is to their best analytical article ever) can’t really be that strict, but it’s still useful to make.  If you’re saying interesting things, like Spandrell, then you’re an analyst.  If you’re repeating yourself and saying disingenuous things, you’re an activist.  Well, everyone knows about this distinction.  That’s kind of what I wanted to use the word ‘neoreactionary’ to mean, but, whatever.

At the same time, if neoreaction means talking about social signaling and not race, it will motivate no activists, because it’s wrong and autistic, and pretty much everything has already been said.  So neoreaction is dead.

And if you’re not saying something true or of consequence, what exactly do you think you’re doing?


Something for Nick Land: The International Jew

This is my last post, I promise. I really have other things to do, I just wanted to post some images that I haven’t found anywhere else to post.

So. I view Nick Land as a crank.  His attempt to reduce NRx to E > V, for example: a bizarre, anti-civilizational slogan, best interpreted as a rhetorical gambit.  Exit from what?  You can’t leave, you can only die. But some day, in his flights of fancy, he will find something interesting. Better to be a crank than to be boring.

Nick Land is, of course, the department chair of horrorism.  There are things that may be too horrible for him to contemplate.  So something lighter that he’d be interested in (this is irrelevant to my argument, but is nice and Lovecraftian, so whatever):

The “religion” of the majority of the inhabitants of Haiti is undoubtedly represented by the voodoo-cults, which me all weird conglomerations of savage superstitions and sub-human rites derived from many parts of Africa. Voodoo is certainly the strongest – and possibly the only really powerful – force in Haiti today.
For an introduction to the complex and confusing mass of superstitions and practices, we must refer the reader to such standard works as JJ Williams’ Voodoos and Obcahs (London, 1933) and Z N Hurston’s Voodoo Gods (1939). And we may particularly recommend the candid work of a highly talented Haitian writer, Milo Rigaud, whose Jésus ou Legba? (Paris, 1933) is disguised as a “novel” for reasons which will become apparent as you read it. We can offer only a few general comments:
(1) You will find it impossible to understand Voodoo until you realize – as many careful investigators failed to do – that you are dealing with a mentality fundamentally and generically different from your own. It is a mentality to which logic is simply incomprehensible, and to which, therefore, the processes of reasoning that you must use when you think are alien and meaningless; it is a consciousness that can hold, in quick succession or even simultaneously, contradictory and antithetical feelings about the same subject without perceiving the slightest conflict between those feelings. The Western mind, which can understand only in terms of logical and definite relationships, automatically tries to define, classify, and systematize, and so it often defeats itself when it tries to comprehend the productions of a radically different mentality. Investigators usually begin by trying to identify the Voodoo “gods” often without realizing that they have risked misleading themselves by applying the word “god” to a vague supernatural entity that is both amorphous and polymorphous. They anxiously inquire concerning the attributes of such spirits as Baron Samedi, Legba,and Damballa, and they try to ascertain what functions each has, which is superior to the others, and how they are related. Since they are asking questions which are really meaningless to their informants, they naturally obtain a wide variety of answers and either try to decide which informants were lying or conclude that there are a great many different cults. (Note, for example, the dismay of investigators who, having correctly ascertained that obeah and myal are rival and mutually antagonistic forms of primitive magic, discover that the same individuals practice both.) When we try to impose logic where there is none, we simply delude ourselves.
(2) Believers in Voodoo take toward Christianity the attitude that the white man has to his own spirits and witch-doctors, who, although inferior, have some power in certain areas. When you have to deal with whites or Christian mulattoes, it is a good idea to conciliate their supernatural allies. And if you can buy or purloin some of the enemy’s fetishes, such as a cross or a picture of the Virgin, and put them in a Voodoo-shrine, that neutralizes the enemy’s magic. It is, at least, a precaution that can do no harm.
(3) Voodoo rites are secret. In the back country, the shrines, most commonly called hounforts, are undisguised and open huts, usually equipped with at least one grotesque and obscene wooden idol, as mis-shapen and repulsive as the sculpture that is awarded first prizes in our more barbaric museums of “contemporary art”. (For an indication of what these idols mean to their worshippers, see the report, somewhat veiled with euphemism, in Richard A Loederer’s Voodoo Fire, New York, 1935, pp. 158 ff.) In the smaller towns, the shrines are in houses, but readily identified by the designs painted on the exterior. In Port-au-Prince, the cult-rooms have a status somewhat resembling that of ‘speakeasies’ during our Prohibition Era: they are unmarked, but you may be sure that you are never very far from one, if you can find it. But only members of the cult are admitted to the shrines, and only rarely does a student have an opportunity for surreptitious observation of what goes on inside.
(4) Communal rites normally take place out-of-doors at night in isolated spots to which the votaries will gladly travel long distances. Here, again, observation must be surreptitious, and the more important the rite, the greater the precautions taken to make sure that there are no outsiders in the vicinity. There is no fixed ritual, and hence the reported differences between arada, legba, and petro rites, which some writers suppose to represent different cults, is largely nugatory; the difference, at most, is of the same order as the difference between our words “dance” and “ball” as applied to social occasions. The rites are led by a male or female witch-doctor, papa-loi or mama-loi, and always involve orgiastic dances that soon induce in all the participants a state of emotional frenzy. What happens next depends on the whims and impulsesof the hysterical leader and her (or/ less commonly, his) hysterical followers. Commonly, however, as the emotions become paroxysmal, the votaries twist off the heads of chickens and, placing the neck in their mouths, suck out the blood. If goats are available, their throats are slashed open and the blood is both lapped-up as a stimulating beverage and smeared over the body as a refreshing ointment. The most potent rite calls for the use of a “hornless goat,” ie human being. The eating of adults is said to have been discontinued, but it is believed that some cults on certain very special occasions still serve babies, either raw or stewed. Since the victims are always the children of participants in the celebration, the chances of discovery are slight, if precautions have been taken to prevent observation by outsiders.
(5) We should not be supercilious about black magic. The papa-lois and mama-lois undoubtedly practice hypnosis and are acquainted with the use of many locally available narcotics and poisons, including cocaine (from the leaves of the coca), mancenilles (mancineel apples), roiry (a leguminous seed which contains cyanidic acid), and, it is believed, the kingo or kingolo, which is said to paralyse certain areas in the brain and thus produce real zombies guédés). We cannot really blame the followers of these witch-doctors when we remember that many Europeans have been convinced that the witch-doctors do, in fact, possess supernatural powers, and report having observed phenomena for which it is difficult to suggest a natural explanation.

The U.S. Marines, during the nineteen years in which they kept order in Haiti, sought to repress the practice of voodoo, and, despite the yapping of American ‘liberals’ accomplished a great deal, not so much by breaking up celebrations as by hunting down and destroying bandits who were also papa-lois. (On the best known of these, who called himself Charlemagne, see J D Kuser, Haiti, Boston, 1921.) Repeated demonstrations that even high-grade ouangas, anointed with grease obtained by boiling human brains, did not inhibit the action of either a Springfield rifle or the Marine who was carrying it shook the faith of some of the faithful and discouraged others.
Since the departure of the Marines, the voodoo-cults have steadily revived. Mr Loederer (op. cit., p. 257) quotes a long-time resident of Haiti who appears to have had unique opportunities for observation and who reports that he can “say with certainty that ninety-five percent of the black population are in varying degrees adherents, active or passive, of the cult.”

And everyone will see that it was politically necessary for Duvalier to expel Bishop Paul Robert from Haiti in November, 1962, whatever Duvalier may have felt personally about the matter. The papalois and mamalois of Haiti no more mind denunciations of voodoo than American Communists mind denunciations of Marxism as a “doctrine”; but if anyone tries to do anything about the practice of voodoo, they become as excited as our “liberals” at the mention of Senator McCarthy. And the Bishop, instead of thundering away in his cathedral about the wickedness of voodoo, tried to incite his congregations to do something about it by interfering with voodoo-rites and demanding the enforcement of certain laws that are on the books because they look good to foreigners.

That’s page 318 to 323 of America’s Decline. As a side note, AIDS reached Haiti in one nigger, and infected many more through those voodoo blood rituals, before spreading to the US through faggot sex tourism. Incidentally, the first hominid to die of AIDS in the US was an underage nigger boy, who had presumably been used by international sex tourist faggots as a cum dumpster.

Anyway. There’s more where that came from, so Nick Land should read Oliver. But, namefags like Nick Land, the Anarchopapist, and Anissimov, are stuck with neoreaction the textbook, which is just inoffensive enough.

Speaking of neoreaction the textbook, here’s the part where Oliver dismisses Moldbug.

But Mr Brown’s absolute dichotomy between Classical and Western has consequences. If one accepts it, one must follow him in seeing “the Renaissance and Reformation as two manifestations of the same retreat from the exacting moral and intellectual responsibilities of Western civilization.” And we must further follow him in the sweeping generalization that “Eighteenth-Century liberalism was in fact the direct intellectual and moral ancestor of modem leftism.” This statement does not mean that Mr, Brown is thinking only of e obvious fact that there must have been some fatal mental flaw in an age that could tolerate such mountebanks as Cagliostro or take seriously a half-educated, half-crazed chatterer like Rousseau. I Ie has not forgotten such writers as Montesquieu, whom Emile Faguet, for example, identifies as the real liberal and as the very opposite of Rousseau, whom Faguet classifies as a democrat. Mr Brown thinks that the difference doesn’t matter.

True? False? I don’t really know. If only Oliver had lived for another fifteen years and been able to comment on Moldbug. Well anyway, there’s something outside our school of thought that might be apparent to a humanist… er…

A very large part of our present plight is the work of linguistic sneakthieves… Let us consider, as briefly as may be, the theft of one important word. Humanism, properly speaking, designates the cultural system introduced by the scholars who initiated the Renaissance, thus ending the Middle Ages and making possible most of modern civilization. That meaning was derived from Cicero, who did not invent, but did use and give authority to, the terms stadium humanitatis and artes humanitatis (or, in clear contexts, simply humanitas) to designate the cultivation of the human mind through the historical, philosophical, literary, and rhetorical studies which, it was believed, gave men of ability the perception and wisdom requisite for a high civilization, and thereby enabled them most fully to realize their potentiality as human beings. Those studies, naturally, were conducted in Greek and Latin…. The strictly correct definition of humanism is that given by the eminent American scholar and former President of Oberlin College, Ernest H. Wilkins:Humanism is a scholarly lind initially reactive enthusiasm for classic culture, accompanied by creative writing in Latin on classic lines

It seems at times that NRx is designed to tell us to accept an Egyptian or a Paraguayan socialism while being told that it’s actually the glory days of feudalism or Aryan nations. How are we supposed to know anything if we don’t know Cicero?

In 2010, strange as it sounds, people were asking what a Jew is. The Jews were known to the Romans. Their behavioral characteristics have not changed.

There are four kinds of writing in the hard sciences: monographs, in which a dude says what he wants to say about a thing, textbooks, written to tell a particular kind of person some particular things, popular books, written to make someone some money, and reference books, which are full of information for whenever you care to read them.

Neoreaction is a textbook introducing conservative thought to people raised with anti-history.

It’s amazing the kind of things that I literally believed.

Male homosexuality was as disgusting to the Romans as it is to us, and it is likely that most of them were amazed and perhaps incredulous when investigation of the Bacchanalian cult showed that a majority of the physiologically male members were homosexuals, although the cult made available to them a copious supply of young and libidinous women ready and eager for anything…

The Lex Scantinia, which provided a heavy penalty for perversion, remained on the books; there were prosecutions under it as late as the Second Century after Christ and perhaps later. But the feeling that had inspired it was gradually eroded, and although perversion was never officially legalized, as has now been done in the State of Illinois and will probably be done in the entire nation as soon as Earl Warren gets around to it, the law became virtually useless. Before the end of the Republic, Roman writers who wanted to be thought “intellectual” and “sophisticated”, imitating the literary fashions of Alexandria, which was the New York of the ancient world, did not hesitate to confess – perhaps falsely in some cases – that they were paederasts. And, paralleling what happens in the United States today, one of Cicero’s correspondents thought it a delightful joke when a homosexual pervert was prosecuted under the Lex Scantinia before a presiding judge who was himself a pervert. (page 355)

Of course male homosexuals have young and libidinous women, that’s the point of being a male homosexual. And I’m not “unsophisticated”. I’ve sucked a few cocks in my attempt to live out what I truly believed, but, of the young and libidinous women, when offered v-cards, I refused to take them. A man needs to have standards, or he is not a man. And my standards have improved: cocksucking to inciting racial hatred. Perhaps one day I can be executed for cocksucking, or for saying “our civilization has yids, and is unable to resist the burgeoning socialist bureaucratic carcinomas and colonization of third-world fungus”.

History is bunk, says Henry Ford. (Historical note: the word bunk comes from Buncombe, a town from which a particularly mendacious congressional representative was elected on the strength of his speeches. I learned that from reading Oliver, of course.) Since Henry Ford said it, it must have been true even then, but around that time, Revilo Oliver was able to start being a classics professor.

The International Jew is a reference on the early days of the 20th century when it was still possible to write such a series of articles. As such, it is incredibly valuable to anyone who would understand where the trends we deal with now first show up. For example, here’s an image that has been popular on 4chan


Compare with articles 47: Jewish Jazz Becomes out National Music and 48: How the Jewish Song Trust Makes us Sing of The International Jew.

Revilo Oliver is obscure. The International Jew is not. Neoreactionaries have commented on many things to which The International Jew gives context without mentioning that context. Why? Because neoreaction is just a textbook, and doesn’t want to scare or mislead people by mentioning the Jew. Neoreactionaries would sooner rehabilitate phrenology.


But the textbook is almost inoffensive enough for a somewhat responsible man to maybe sign his name to – just ask Moldbug. Or don’t. He’s probably quite terrified enough.

There’s maybe still a market for this textbook, though GamerGate is turning people against SJWs now without needing to explicitly provide arguments. Perhaps there any chapters that still need to be written.

But there’s still neoreaction the antiversity, to spit in the faces of the cowardly university professors and seek out the truth behind their backs, and to avoid the repetitiousness and disingenuity of the activists.

But the major cause of the academic silence is the fact that the men whose interests are most directly affected are the least willing to speak. For the true scholar the keenest of all intellectual pleasures is that provided by the study and research which he regards as his true function in life. By instinct and tradition he withdraws from politics, whether national or academic, and, knowing that his life will not be long enough for him to learn all that he wishes to know or even for him to complete the investigations that he has undertaken, he feels an imperative need for peace and tranquillity, and is ready to purchase them at almost any price. If he is to attend to his real life’s work, he must not dissipate his time and energy in controversy, whether in public or within the precincts of his own college.
The reasons for the academician’s withdrawal from contemporary debate were unexceptionable in a time of social stability, but that lime has passed. Reticence and tact are no longer feasible for the scholar, who must now – however reluctantly and fretfully – see that his very existence is menaced. He may still be willing, for the sake of peace in his own little cell of the ivory tower, to ignore the skeletons that have been accumulating in the closets and the corridors for more than half a century, but the choice is no longer his. (pages 160-161)

So anyway. Nick Land, there is plenty of horrible things outside of the purview of the textbook Henry Dampier and Anarchopapist are writing notes for the next edition of. They may even horrify you. But truth is truth, and not truth is falsehood, and falsehood without an army isn’t even falsehood with an army. If any neoreactionaries after Moldbug and maybe Radish want to have any impact at all on the world, let alone on their own conception of the world, they must read and think, and read and think thouse words and thoughts that everyone in the latter half of the 20th century is taught to disregard with extreme prejudice.