Platonism is the cancer killing the West

Plato was childless and thus had weird ideas about the family and believed in personal immortality.

Black Mirror just ended the personal immortality debate. No normal person can look at the episode where old people get uploaded to the cloud to have infinite gay interracial transaged reproduction-free sex and feel anything other than disgust.

The bugmen who waste their lives while dreaming of wasting infinite time in the cloud were a decade ago playing StarCraft. The protosses that are about to die can be bound to dragoon tanks. They say things like “i have returned” and “make use of me” because they know that they will never have their family life again and they exist solely to destroy the enemies of their people so that other protosses will be spared.

Why not have the old people fly drones to destroy the enemies of our people? Funny thing – Whites aren’t allowed to think in those terms.

Of course, a real old woman, uploaded to the cloud, would support their living family by following them on their cell phones and giving advice and planning Christmas parties and running the home automation system.

Platonism is the philosophy of weird, broken people. Personal immortality but you affect the world as much as a weird, broken person is for weird, broken, childless people.

And the professors and priests go along with Platonism and, like, what if like chairs are real, like, if there’s a real thing that chairs are man, like, you don’t even get it you’re living in a cave man.

Socrates, to the consternation of Xanthippe, refused to take money for teaching, because he didn’t want to be a professor. But maybe if there’s no money in it, it’s left to childless weirdoes who can’t even get a groupie like Plato.

Aristotle tried to tell Plato to chill with the spirit world bullshit with hylomorphism. He also tried to tell Alexander not to integrate with Persia and keep invading everywhere because it wasn’t in the Greek national interest, but Alexander was too interested in personal immortality.


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