Universities and Jews

1587 Virginia Dare, the first American. This is the WN settler founding, also 1620 Jamestown.

1612, Mayflower Compact puritan founding. Compact communism was a disaster, following which the pilgrims reestablished private property, had a good harvest, and declared thanksgiving.

WN and puritanism have always been in America’s thoughts. Jefferson explained why it was ok to own fiction books, then freed his slaves.

Harvard University was founded to be the seminary for the state church of Massachusetts and has not stopped being that.

It is not that universities were corrupted away from science. Science was never the concern of universities until they adopted the scientists as cover for their pseudoscience.

The only sensible definition of political science prior to biologization is political knowledge, which is the purview of history. Wilson, who the Jews sheperded to the presidency and goaded into WWI sort of like Churchill, called himself a political scientist as a university professor. What is meant by political science is a particular strand of historical and political philosophy that asserts itself as scientific findings.

In actual science, scientists can explain exactly when, why, how, and who came up with each idea, and while people say quantum mechanics was completely counterintuitive and unexpected, the thermodynamics of the time demanded it. In pseudoscience, counterintuitive assertions are made according to Hitler’s political philosophy of the Big Lie.

One important debate in modern political philosophy, as discussed by the Alt-Right, is the mechanistic cyclical history and the great man theory. We are indeed in the falling phase of a civilizational cycle, but we have a great man. Both patterns matter after biologization.

Universties, and puritanism, aren’t actually much older than America.

Perhaps John Calvin was a Jew. Oliver Cromwell’s puritan revolution was in part financed by Jews and Jews got back in to England as a consequence. But puritanism is a meme that can outcompete sacramental Christianity in a university setting.

Transcendentalism outcompeted puritanism in the university. In response, there was a religious revival including mutilating the genitals of male children to prevent them from masturbating.

What outcompetes transcendentalism is Christian universalism and secular humanism. In response to these developments came the fundamentalists.

While the university influenced people loved to bash fundies for not believing in evolution, in fact, the university theologians had been rejecting evolution and human differences since the beginning. By the time the Frankfurt School showed up and Jews started taking over the universities, university anthropologist women were writing travelogues about going to the jungle and fucking the savages.

Freud was indeed a Jew, and modern art run by Jews. By 1920, the literature departments at universities were already corrupt and upholding James Joyce’s insult to the classical canon.

1900-20: worst generation, were 44-65 as the Great Society legislation was passed. Remembered a time before Jewish control and left Jews fully in charge.
20-40: depression era, WWII cannon fodder, went to the universities and participated in the 60s revolootion
40-60: boomers. were 7-27 in 1967.
60-80: genx
80-y2k: millennial. Born between Morning in America and the dot com bust. Older Millennials are just old enough to remember expecting to be able to get a good job and start a family in the 90s.
y2k-2038: generation zyklon. Global war on terror, mass immigration, no jobs for Whites, told to be gay.

Older WNs remember America being WN and puritan, and want it all back the way it was.

What we need to do is dissolve the universities.

Today Alt-Right leaders say that porn, weed, and contemporary music are morally degenerative, but a UBI is inevitable and good.

Communists always say communism is inevitable and puritans always say communism is good.

UBI, and recieving unearned resources in general, is far more morally degenerative towards young men than porn, weed, or music. Porn, weed, and music didn’t make Tim Kaine’s son get arrested as an antifa or Joe Biden’s son get divorced for wasting all the family money on hookers and blow. Mike Pence’s son is a marine.

Instead, swearing off porn, weed, and music is supererogation, and bragging about supererogation is begging for a purity spiral to redistribute resources to the holy people capable of that supererogation.

That den of drugs and degenerate art and music that recently burned down existed because of various forms of welfare, including relaxed regulations.


2 responses to “Universities and Jews”

  1. Cavalier says :

    They are right in that the UBI is inevitable, and wrong in that it is horrifying.

  2. St. James MS says :

    This is a fascinating analysis. FMI, what’s UBI?

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