The Left is the Institutions

Socialism is pretty much dead, not due to having been disproven in practice over and over, but because Christianity is dead. SJ will continue to exist as long as people believe in souls and the primacy of the individual, which is also going away.

However, since SJ lost the election, many including myself have been advising leftists to calm down with the PC and push socialism instead. This is both good advice for them individually, positioning them out of harm’s way as SJ fights its last battles, and will destroy the left quicker, since SJ is the only left with any viability right now.

The neoconservatism that was the assertion that since our culture is the best it should be shared with everyone else by force is pretty much being folded back into the left now, but it is the future of the left.

Individuals are ephemeral. Only nations matter on an evolutionary timescale, and families are important as the biological structure of the nations. The culture, and its institutions, are important because they determine who reproduces with whom, and thus the evolutionary future of the nation, which, in turn, shapes the controllers of the institutions and thus the culture.

Young men, eager to gain access to the rich rewards of controlling the institutions, will apply all manner of flowery language to increasing the power of the institutions, forcing others out, and getting themselves some of that power. The ideas they come up with are leftism, and the leftism of the future won’t be social justice or socialism, and might not even be neoconservatism, but there will surely be some set of ideas that the future institution controllers share that the general populace doesn’t.

And when the leftism drifts far enough from the good of the nation, the general populace will stop listening to the institution controllers, who should ordinarily be listened to because they are usually in a position to know more, drive them out and reform the institutions to the benefit of the nation, and the cycle will begin again.

This is why the left has never had to win an honest debate, but merely appeal to platitudes, taboos, and signal. If they lose their SJ taboos, the truth will burst forth and turn them into lampshades.

Soviet communism didn’t destroy Russia, nor did the Khmer Rouge even destroy Cambodia, but liberalism is close to destroying America. Gas the professors, the journalists, the clergy, and the politicians. These individuals are acting against the interests of the nation and must be purged. A nation that will not defend itself is a self-correcting problem from the evolutionary standpoint.

But our institutions didn’t just drift, did they?  When you look at the history of how America was corrupted since the beginning of the 20th century, you can’t avoid the Jew.  Get ’em out of here.  Out!  Out!  Out!


One response to “The Left is the Institutions”

  1. Cavalier says :

    The Ashkenazim intermarriage rate is 71%, or something insane like that. At this point it isn’t even worth it to expel the rest of them, we might as well just assimilate the rest of them into our gene pool and trash the white urban SWPL bourgeois they founded and then melded into.

    The only problem is that this class encompasses most of the top 2% of brainpower.

    Nevertheless, they must be brought back down to earth and mindfucked into submission to the Nouveau Régime.

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