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Gas the Christcucks, Weltanschauung War Now

First Pence said the Trump administration is going to bad abortion, which is a valid tool of the patriarchy to control women’s reproduction. Now Trump is saying he wants the Internet censored to stop porn.

The only thing that needs to be done about porn is to enforce the existing law that obscenity is ineligible for copyright protection. Paysites would disappear in a heartbeat as everything goes to torrents. But ending the exploitation of Aryan women by Jew pornographers doesn’t go far enough for Christcucks.

Censoring the Internet has been a central goal of the ((Left)) since the Internet first became famous. The biggest pushes towards censorship have been in the name of stopping porn, of course, but the censorship infrastructure is the same whether porn or politically incorrect memes are banned.

Christcucks want to return to a fundamentally cucked view of the human family in which ((Joseph))’s genealogy going back to ((David)) means anything to ((Jesus)).

Christcucks want to return to a fundamentally cucked view of human sexuality in which expressions of sexual desire are regulated away, especially for more powerful White men, leaving women not knowing who they should be attracted to, and wishing for a violent savage to act sexy.

Bondage is not degenerate, affirmative consent and femdom are. Guess what christcucks like, and what christcucks are shocked by?

The Crusades were not an accomplishment. By failing to bring women with them and not colonizing the ((Holy Land)), the Crusaders ensured that their blood was flushed down the toilet of history. Christcucks fail to recognize this for the same reason that they import mud people to their countries – they are cuckolds.

Christcucks are trying to sabotage us because they hate Whites for being superior when the meek shall inherit the Earth and worship Jews for being the protagonists of that horrid collection of evil-minded myths, the ((Bible)).

Christcucks can not be trusted because, as seen is the treason of the St. Patrick Brigade, they put their stupid Jew hoax religion above their people.

Christcucks already gave away the culture of the Western world in the ’50s because they were stupid and evil-minded, because they believed in souls and the equality of souls and therefore believed in socialism and did not believe in evolution, game theory, ecology, and the comparisons between animal behavior and human behavior.

Christcucks need to shut up and get out of the way.