Current Trends

The enemy has made three recent mistakes, three out of control holiness spirals that have led to our inevitable victory.

The first is the suppression of cuckstainty, which meant the rise of biological nationalism amongst the youth, by default even though unacknowledged.

The second was the holiness spiral in the universities that pushed White privilege and suppressed colorblindness far too soon.

The third was marginalizing cuckservatives and getting Obama elected, because people who don’t have any actual control over what’s going on are hard to blame for it.

England has clearly not been ruled by the English for some time, as evidenced by the fact that the English need to give their pubescent daughters to pakis. But they could blame ((Eurocrats)) – up until the Brexit vote, at which point the ((British government)) has to take full responsibility for unpopular policies, including staying with the EU.

They enemy thinks they can use a cuckservative SJW PM to pass further hatespeech laws and delay and maybe reverse Brexit. The hope is that hatespeech laws can stop the English, who in all likelihood all know someone who was passed around by pakis; maybe hatespeech laws and an economic miracle for Whites could, but it’s unclear whether they’re willing to give Whites that economic miracle.

In the US, Trump is a civic nationalist and he just chose a christcuck civic nationalist who wants to ban abortion of niglets as his VP. The Trump phenomenon isn’t about Trump, which is why it’s scary to the Left. Regardless of whether he wins or loses or what he does in office, either he can give Whites an economic miracle to shackle us to our office chairs and muzzle us the way our fathers and grandfathers were, or he can just watch as his civic nationalism fails to avert the pending breakup of the USA into localism, a.k.a. the return of the KKK. It doesn’t matter that Trump isn’t a White Nationalist, the fact that he’s a White nationalist is enough to give oxygen to White Nationalism. If he loses the election it will be a vindication of White Nationalism, every failure of his administration will be vindication of White Nationalism, and every success of his administration will be vindication of White Nationalism.

Trump says he will renegotiate the ((trade deals)). The reason those jobs left wasn’t the trade deals but affirmative action, and if Trump ends affirmative action in other fields the way Silicon Valley has avoided affirmative action, that’s a White Nationalist move, and without ending affirmative action, there will be no economic miracle for the USA.

Contrast the American and British situation with that of the French, who are regularly being attacked by mudslimes and then apologizing to them each time. Maybe they can stop apologizing at some point, but everything that’s happening there seems like a net loss. But compare the situations too: last election was totally polarized between explicit anti-Whites and nationalists. As soon as total polarization occurs, the government is then sitting on a ticking time bomb of Whites trickling over to the nationalist side.


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