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race and religion


White women are particularly beautiful.  Everyone knows this; since some people pretend not to, let’s look at what nips draw when they want to draw the most beautiful woman possible:


  • Blue, green, purple eyes
  • Bigger eyes than sand niggers
  • Blond, brown, or red hair
  • Straight or wavy hair
  • Smaller noses than rice niggers
  • Pale or pink skin
  • Bigger boobs than Whites, but not big butts

They’re not drawing themselves, and they’re not drawing us.  They’re drawing what male humans believe is the most beautiful – that’s male humans, not dirt niggers, because as porn searches reveal, dirt niggers are interested in big butts, a preference that the jewsmedia has been trying to foist on Whites.

Monogamy puts women under extreme evolutionary pressure to be beautiful, since women who can’t get a good man can’t reproduce.  Under the various polygamous plans practised by every variety of shitskin, women who aren’t beautiful enough to be someone’s first wife or a great man’s second wife can still be someone’s maidservant and still have their baby looked after.

But the important part is what monogamy does to the men.

A monogamous married man is not in competition with other men for access to women, but in fact has an incentive to help other men be the best that they can, so they can pay his social security and marry his daughters.

A nonmonogamous man encountering that situation responds ‘ficki ficki allahu ackbar, gringo’.  In a nonmonogamous society, caring about anything other than yourself and your immediate family means being a cuck.

There’s a reason larger armies of nonmonogamous people are routinely defeated by Whites, and that reason is biological.


the White middle class

The White middle class is those White men who have enough on the ball to be able to reproduce.  These are the backbone of White civilization.  White middle class values include self-reliance, thrift, chastity, and signaling reliability and comfort by loudly proclaiming support for policies that undermine these values.

Reliability is signaled by proudly reciting the most absurd official belief of the day, e.g.  “Caitlyn Jenner is a brave woman”.  Comfort is signaled by calling for the genocide of the White race.

Signaling is cancer.  We need a culture that ignores priests, graduate students, professors, community organizers, and the “good intentions” of people who volunteer for various communist schemes.


The instinctive need to feel like you’re part of something greater is also found in e.g. gazelles, who stick with their herd so that only maybe one of them gets eaten when the cheetahs attack.  It’s also, of course, found in humans.

What we need to understand is that we are part of a family, a nation a.k.a. gene pool, and a race.

Whites are particularly drawn to the image of self-sacrifice for the good of the nation.  That’s because a strong nation means more and better kids for the individual, even if the individual is made weaker for it.