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debates with my father


Moral behavior is behavior and behavioral traits evolve. Children are created by their parents to spread their genetic material and thus physical and behavioral traits. Perverted sexual behavior is sexual behavior and is chosen by people who don’t think that the alpha strategy, marriage, would work for them. Civilization exists because it is built and maintained by people using the alpha strategy with the intention of creating the conditions for their children to grow up and have children of their own.  These are basic biological facts that no one would disagree with if not for the social construct of humanity.  Liberals used to call fascism unfree and uncivilized, and now they have no free speech and mass rapes.  Tell the truth.


I recently got in a heated debate with my father. He asked me if me and my girlfriend had been to the newly reopened bushmeat supermarket in dindustan.

I replied that I wouldn’t take my girlfriend into dindustan.

He said that that was too bad because I had walked across dindustan many times a decade ago.

I replied that that was before the media decided to whip the dindus into a frenzy of anti-White hatred, and also before the minority mortgage meltdown and immivasion displaced all the dindus from the regular economy except if they had jobs in the anti-White apparatus as e.g. informers in companies.

He said that he had head about race relations being just fine before the outside agitators showed up before, and in fact Jimmy Carter had broken Nixon’s Southern Strategy by running a populist campaign that resonated with Blacks and Whites in the South; that Reagan had run a campaign of racial grievances talking about welfare queens driving welfare cadillacs and how he was going to end affirmative action; that Carter was the first Southerner since the War between the States and the first evangelical president ever but that somehow Reagan had managed to turn Southerners and evangelicals; that Reagan had turned evangelicals against abortion even though anti-abortion was a Catholic issue at the time and even though the Old Testament kike “laws” say that causing a miscarriage doesn’t carry the same penalty as murder; that even with all that Reagan only managed to win due to his secret arms-for-hostages deal with the Ayatollah that you’re still not supposed to talk about in polite company; that even though Reagan had made a deal with the Ayatollah and had taken a stance against West Bank settlements, after Reagan all Republicans have to support Israel.

I replied that he just wants to sit in his middle class neighborhood, commute for hours every day while listening to NPR, and act like we can all just get along; that it was funny when the Bomb Brothers carjacked that faggot with a coexist bumper sticker but I wish they had succeeded at hitting MIT; that the Paris attacks are great because they allow us to scapegoat the rapugees as terrorists even though the actual problem with them is that they are in our countries taking our women; and asked him about, while it would obviously have been good for the US if the urban areas had been cleansed with nuclear fire in the late ’80s, whether it was necessary for the USSR to collapse on its own terms rather than through a nuclear exchange with the US to demonstrate to people that communism is a bad idea.

That was the end of the debate.


One important turning point was when Haidt naturalized ethics.

Prior to Haidt, there was the constant debate over whether God’s law / traditional normativity, virtue, or consequence was the correct foundation for ethics. Cuckstainty had given a theoretical basis for Plato’s divine rational soul, ending for over a milennium that debate with Aristotle, who was much less willing to claim divinity. Plato’s divine rational soul / base animal insticts was passed down though St. Thomas Aquinas’ reason / passions / appetites, which we now know as ((Froy Vey))’s id / ego / superego model. This theorizing is just water under the bridge now.

Prior to Haidt, we had the Laws of God, the sayings of Christ, and the de-Godified cuckstainty that is utilitarianism, in which the Will of God is mechanized into the maximization of utility, and the sayings of Christ are reinterpreted as allegories about maximizing utility prior to the advent of the calculus needed to express the principle of stationary happiness, ∫ᵧδΣhappiness dr = 0 along a correct moral path γ; this whether Jesus was in fact the literal son of the principle of existence by the wife of Joseph or just a great philosopher.

To further beat the dead horse, which is, of course, obligatory, since the horse is dead but I derive pleasure from it, my utility is maximized by seeing utilitarians not getting laid.

Today, we can all understand that moral behavior is just behavior, in particular that moral behavior has nothing to do with humanity, which is shown up to be just a social construct, but is just evolved behavior, behavioral traits evolving just like physical traits. We understand that, in particular, normal nigger sexual behavior, as seen in most niggers of note, including Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, America’s Dad Bill Cosby, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is interpreted by humans as abusive sexual behavior simply because niggers evolved differently from humans.

The understanding that perverted sexual behavior is sexual behavior and sexual behavior among Whites is either the alpha strategy, marriage and civilization building, or pervert faggotry, has yet to catch on. For some reason, people believe in the mythical homosexual who isn’t interested in women, which, according to the Kinsey study, and every other survey of sexual behavior, does not exist. But it’s quickly becoming clear that polyamory is either men trying to get more or women with several cucks, and this is from one of my liberal friends’ facebooks:


It’s not enough to tell people over 40 that their politics have created conditions in which all their children, not just me the 8chan incel, have difficulty reproducing. It’s not enough to tell them that their family and friends are being replaced by pocs. It’s not enough to quote Lenin at the state of the White middle class, “We will grind the middle class between the millstones of progressive taxation and inflation”.

Like Bane, perhaps we couldn’t expect the corrupt city simply to be destroyed with nuclear fire, but we had to see its citizens broken by communism first.

In the middle of the last century, fascism was criticized as lacking in freedom, with the Führenprinzip in particular criticized as arrogant, exploitative, goose-steppingly ridiculous, and ultimately responsible for the loss of the war through Hitler’s failure to approve the assault rifle and demand that all the troops besiege Stalingrad; and was also called uncivilized, with the murder of the faggot Rohm when it was time to disband the SA and replace it with the SS, and the organized spontaneous protests of Kristallnacht.

Today, my dad is frustrated that while it was okay to say that gay sex should be illegal prior to 2003, now it is unacceptable to say that faggots shouldn’t be given the tax benefits intended for families, or that Caitlyn Jenner isn’t a brave woman. If freedom doesn’t mean freedom of speech, what does it mean? My father recognizes that he doesn’t have freedom anymore, and my commie brother cheers for harsher hate speech legislation (if you watch old tv shows and movies, the Civil Rights Act merely codified the existing cuckstain speech code, and, in particular, the belief that only an uneducated simpleton would say the word ‘nigger’ was just as popular with mid-20th century cuckstains as it is with today’s progressives).

As to civilization, the organized mass rapes of Rotherham, the unorganized raping throughout the rest of Europe, the rapes that Eldridge Cleaver bragged about in a book favorably reviewed by the NYT and that’s occasionally required reading in college courses to this day, the hush crime where that girl was raped and thrown out of the seventh story window after being grabbed off the street in Chicongo in broad daylight in front of an old nigger sow who didn’t see anything where her parents sued the city for millions of dollars not because the police had released he into an unsafe area, since knowing that dindustan is unsafe is a thought crime, but rather some technical issue or whatever, than tike one nigger raped three generations of the same family, the pigfucking nigger that raped a farmer’s pig sows and gave them STDs, etc, etc, etc.

Liberal democracy’s criticisms of fascism no longer have the appearance of merit.


David Duke recently made two mistakes in an interview with Gemar Rudolf.

Duke said something nice about fascism as a joke. What he said would have been spot on in the US, for the reasons detailed above. In Germany, however, nationalists need to say that fascism is complicated and bound up in the 20th century (true in terms of ideology), and simplistic analogies to fascism are only made by opportunists swinging the Nazi club around (haha yeah).

Duke also said that the Jews have evolved in the ghetto for 2000 years to be racist. Does Duke therefore believe that the Jews who did not live in Europe did not so evolve? But he has to say since Christ, because he has to say that Christ wasn’t just a community organizer faith healer whose universalist communist preaching was a betrayal of the Jews’ constant strategy throughout recorded history of formenting multiculturalism and communism amongst the goyim and maintaining their own ethnic identity.

Duke said that because it sounds plausible and acceptable to Americans, who like ((Jesus)). To the Germans, it sounds like insane Nazi ranting. The only way Germans will be able to consider claims about Jews would be to make those claims either purely biological, since Germans respect facts and logic, or to make it purely psychological, since that is in line with the whole ‘blank slate’ political correctness. Thus Rudolf’s assertion that being a Jew or a Muslim is a state of conditioning and mental illness.

We’re on a global Internet here, goys.  The lies you tell in your country to extend the reach of your ideas will hurt your Aryan brethren in other countries.  Just tell the truth.


I’d say gas the kikes race war now, but the race war has already started; there have been organized mass rapes of White girls by pocs going on for decades, and Whites are starting to fight back with arson attacks against rapugee centers, most recently and spectacularly, against the Calais rapugee camp in retaliation for the Paris attack. So, I’ll just end this article with some of my favorite quotes from Ben Garrison, which have unfortunately been misappropriated by others; I’ve marked the words the plagiarists changed with brackets:

Garrison: The idea is that it is possible to separate [Jewishness] from [parisitism], and it is not. There can be not [Jew] race without [parasitism]. Treason to [Jewishness] is loyalty to [??? humanity is a social construct, Ben]… We need to make it impossible for the legacy of [Jews] to reproduce itself.

Interviewer: And your views are popular in academia?

Garrison: Yes, I’d say my views are well recieved, not everybody agrees, but they’re well recieved.

“Is it the duty of every good [reactionary] to kill every newborn [Jew] baby?”

“You’re on the endangered list. And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more [kikes] around.”

“[Freud], [Marx], [Boasian anthropology], [Spielberg], [mass media democracy], [brutalist housing projects], [Saul Alinsky], the emancipation of women, [Susan Sontag], [interracial porn], et al. can’t redeem what this particular [race] has wrought upon the world. The [Jew] race is the cancer of human history.”

And a quote from Adolf Hitler, quoted by Ben Garrison in an interview:

“I’m going to kill all the Blacks, I’m going to kill Jewish children, and I’m just going to mass murder people based on their race or religion”



By the way, biotech startup idea. Chromosomes get scrambled as part of creating gametes. It should be possible to take any non-gamete cell and identify which parent each chromosome came from. There are a lot of half-human abominations in the world who would pay a lot of money to have children with only their human parent’s DNA.