Regret Rape

Historically, sex outside of marriage was illegal, sex other than no-condom-penis-in-vagina was illegal, and a woman could charge rape if her husband broke in to place when she wasn’t living with him.

Today, sex outside of marriage is legal, any kind of bizarre sodomy fetish is legal, and a woman has to prove she didn’t consent if she wants to accuse a man of rape.

This is empowering towards women?

No, requiring proof of consent is not empowering.  Regret rape, accusing a man of rape after consenting to sex outside of marriage, has always been possible.  But women have lost the power to accuse men who did sex acts that used to be illegal of rape without additionally proving consent, and have gained absolutely nothing for it.

So why do feminists like this idea of consent?

Is it because they hate marriage and the family?  Or is it so they can let niggers rape White women and then accuse those White women of doing the regret rape thing?

In fact, Hillary Clinton did precisely that.  She dragged a raped little girl’s name through the mud in court on behalf of a middle-aged nigger to prove her progressive bona fides as an up and coming young lawyer cunt, and laughed about it on a talk show in the ’90s.

The reason I’m bringing up consent is that if progressives are serious about pedosexuality, they’re going to have to do something about consent, since when pedosexual Todd Nickerson talks about the time he let a child lead him through a sex act, the obvious response is that that child could not have consented.  So they’ll make children able to consent, of course, they will only consent to virtuous pedophiles like Todd Nickerson and gay scout leaders.

Don’t forget, lauding perverts for bearing the cross of a disgusting fetish is cuckstain moral philosophy at its finest.  That, and legalizing miscegenation because a soul is a soul and all souls come from Yahweh, instead of children being created by their parents, and it not being decent to say the word nigger about a nigger who rapes a family friend, and all the rest of the ’50s moral preening the preceded the ’60s.

Yeshua gave up an honorable career as a carpenter to become a nazirite and preach about how you don’t need to do stuff for your community, in fact, being rich is harmful, all you need to do is prove how faithful you are by bragging about carrying a cross or whatever.  That drew quite a crowd – of people who weren’t too busy doing stuff for their community.

The atheist at NRO is absolutely right when he says that cuckstain morality isn’t anti-pedosexuality.  Cuckstains, you let this happen.


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