All the Pieces on the Board

Humans are governed by a collection of social expectations, a.k.a. nomos.

It is sort of true that control of weapons, a.k.a. hard power, is the way humans are governed.  However, the soldiers who wield those weapons are govered by the nomos.

It is sort of true that control of non-weapon resources, a.k.a. soft power, is also the way humans are governed.  But this is also subject to the social expectations.

One of the most important parts of the nomos is the Overton window, what a person can expect to be able to say.  Orwell wanted to talk about the Overton window, but couldn’t quite say it, so he talked about Newspeak as a restrictive language.

Another important part of the nomos is Schelling points, what people can expect each other to implicitly agree with.

When an idea is inside the Overton window, people can organize Schelling points around it.

Once the idea of resisting White genocide enters the Overton window, Whites can organize Schelling points around it, thereafter, we can secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.  Our racial enemies do not actually have hard power over us.

Now that Cucktianity has been largely brushed aside, the only real reason Whites are reluctant to acknowledge White genocide is the Civil Rights, which largely just formalized what the Cucktians were already doing when they passed it.

As we know, the Civil Rights makes it illegal to knowingly employ people with opinions outside of the Overton window in any position of moderate social status.

Thus, it was not strictly necessary to repeal the Civil Rights in order to begin mass redpilling, which is why so many people are secretly in the Alt Right and quietly trying to push the Overton window.

When the Civil Rights gets repealed, or even largely suppressed due to a presidential administration (perhaps of the guy who told Mygyn Kylly that “America doesn’t have time for political correctness”) refusing to enforce it (there’s precedent in the Obama administration for refusing to enforce laws the administration doesn’t like, see DOMA or immigration law), it will embolden people to openly discuss things (such as White genocide), and openly make fun of White anti-Whites instead of pretending to support them in any way, thereby largely eliminating the category of preening, sanctimonious White anti-Whites.  That is the way Whites win.




The way the Jews win is to get rid of the alt right on the Internet.  The alt right on the Internet is protected by a Schelling point in US law, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech”.  They need to figure out how to do an end run around that.

The way they do that is by comparing hatespeech to yelling fire in a movie theater or inciting a riot.

The way they build that comparison is by getting a few examples of a terrorism following a racism.

The way they do that is by requiring anyone who hears a racism to report it to local law enforcement.

The way they do that is by jailing Dylan Roof’s friend Joey Meek.  Joey Meek admitted to the FBI that he heard Dylan Roof say some hatespeech but didn’t take him seriously.

When people are legally required to inform the ADL on each other whenever they hear racism, not only does it make organizing Schelling points more difficult, but it also brings us one step closer to the suppression of the Internet alt right, thereby ending all organized dissent of the Jewish program of White genocide.


All the pieces are on the board now, the final fight will be over freedom of speech.  Any White who opposes freedom of speech now is pretty obviously a cuck.  They may say they’re a reactionary, but they’re really just a cuckactionary working to finalize the destruction of the White race and thus Western civilization.

From the Cucktians who supported the snivel rights to begin with for decency or whatever so their daughters could then be raped in hush crimes, to the libertarians who supported immigrant rights for freedom the immigrants would vote against, to the Cucktians who supported miscegenation because marriage only for the first abomination president to finish the job of forcing gay marriage, cucks receive nothing.



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