Nation and Nationalism


Life is a war of all against all.  And as anyone who has brushed their teeth knows, in a war of all against all, collaboration is a big win.

Kelp are formally independent.  They form sheets and face predation by sea urchins in order to access sunbeams.

In order to be sea urchins and sea otters, cells needed to lose their formal independence, becoming the mere ephemeral fingers of something larger than themselves.

Humans (not niggers) need to form cities to access jet fighters and nuclear missiles, to defend themselves against other humans (not niggers).  If humans fail to defend themselves, they get their Dresden firebombed, followed by ethnic cleansing from Kaliningrad in which the women aren’t even kept as sex slaves to reproduce halfling children but merely raped to death.  Well, that may be only what Jew-led relijews heebaric armies do, but the ethnic takeover is real.




There isn’t just one purpose for sex.  The first thing to notice is that it doesn’t really seem to make sense for the individual: why would the individual with enough resources to reproduced want to share those resources with another individual?

Every time DNA is copied, there is a chance for an error.  With a human sized genome, there are a handful of mutations in each new human.  There are two ways to deal with errors, ploidy and sex.  If you have two copies of each gene, having one copy damaged might not be fatal.  Of course, there’s no way of getting rid of the bad copy without sex, which gives you the opportunity to mate with someone with a clean copy and have a clean child.

Organisms that don’t reproduce sexually have small genomes, up to tens of megabytes.  Diploid sexually reproducing organisms have gigabytes of genome.  Tetraploid sexually reproducing organisms, like wheat, can have tens of gigabytes.

If these are good mutations, the recipient will presumably have more children, if they are bad mutations, the recipient will presumably have less children, the bad mutations are concentrated in the lumpen proles and the good mutations in the natural aristocracy.



But it still doesn’t really help the individual; evolution and the concentration of good genes in reproducing individuals help the reproductive community, a.k.a. nation.

Salmon die after they spawn, presumably so they won’t keep swimming around and eat the eggs, or so that their decaying bodies will feed the things that feed the next generation.  We would expect a bear to quietly cheer for the hunter who kills his neighbor, so he can then move in on that territory.  Up to 50% of baby alligators are eaten by adult alligators.

The continued existence of the reproductive community is what every sexually reproducing organism lives for in the biological sense, even though alligators eat their young.  Whites are much easier to convince to sell their own nation out than Jews.


Nationalism the impulse

Humans have an evolved desire to feel themselves to be part of something greater than themselves and be willing to sacrifice all that they are for it.  That thing is supposed to be the reproductive community, that has reproduced itself up to this point and needs the individual’s efforts to continue.  Cucktians say that instead of the nation, Christcucks should support Jesus, SJewWs say that instead of the nation, faggots should support transhumanism; at least the Cucktians give a plausible sounding explanation for the desire.

They say it comes from God.  This, the insistence on souls, is the most harmful part of the Cucktian religion.  By defining humans to be separate from other animals, we lose track of important parallels between human behavior and animal behavior and the fact that everything about human behavior must have an evolutionary description.

At this point, the more thoughtful Christcucks will say that God meant for everything about human behavior to evolve the way it has, and point to the fact that Mendel was a Catholic monk as evidence that institutional Christcuckery has always supported a scientific view of human nature.  Then those institutional Christcucks will continue following spiritual leaders that support mass importation of subhuman garbage into countries where that subhuman garbage will go about the business of defiling churches.


Nationalism the philosophy

Individuals don’t necessarily understand their patriotic impulse any more than they understand their impulse to romantic love, in fact, they are told emphatically to “channel” their patriotism and romantic love into dildos.

An individual can be socially engineered, i.e. lied to, about his nation.  Nation-builders, chieftly Cucktians, will say that by imposing a history and a language and shared cultural experiences like Disney movies on a people, they can be forged into a nation, if only there is the will.

Individuals can also be socially engineered to channel their romantic love into faggotry and transfaggotry.



After defining racial or subspecies distinction to be one of behavior, and nation to mean an actual biologically reproducing community, I would further like to define a relijewn as a meme that attempts to subvert to its own ends a person’s natural patriotic impulse.  Commjewism, Social Jewstice Warriorism, and Jewstianity are examples of relijewns.

Oðinnism, a.k.a. Åsätrü, is sort of a relijewn, depending on how seriously you’re into the faggotry aspect, versus trying to distance yourself from both cucktians and atheism+.  To the extent it subverts patriotism towards self-promotion, it’s a relijewn.

I would further like to define that the proper term for someone infected with a relijewn is a cuck.


Cucks and kikes

Margaret Thatcher replied to a journalist asking why she sank the Argentine boat that she dedicated what she had to, history would vindicate her, and poofters and trots in the media don’t care about anything but bringing her down.

She couldn’t say cucks and kikes.

Now we can.


In fact, we can even post ^ this kind of thing ^

Nationalism and White Nationalism

White nationalism only makes sense in White settler states like the US, European nations need their own local nationalism, since Whites in the US are a nation in the sense of all being part of the same reproductive community, while European nations are each their own reproductive community (that’s nations as reproductive communities, not countries).


White Nationalism and Menachem Moldberg

Menachem Moldberg offered us goyim that the subhuman street crime jihad could be ended if we openly surrendered to Fnarglwitz.  Unfortunately, he did not write his observations as a book, get it vetted by the rabbis in charge of every major publishing house, and published as the furthest right the Overton window will ever be allowed to slide.  Thanks to the Internet, things like Moonman exist, further to the right than what I am prepared to post (link is to Moonman’s album The Lunatic, so you know what to search for when it gets shoahed from Jewgle JewTube).

Moldberg’s post against White Nationalism was against it not as a philosophy, but as a political strategy.  Andrew Anglin replies to Moldbug.  Anglin says that in the future, each individual will have a choice, SJW all the way or total fascism.  Moldberg appears to think that the Bs of the BDH faction can avoid shoahing themselves long enough to shoah all the OVs.  But the Bs are already getting shoahed by gay niggers and we just watched them nervously try to justify the execution of people like themselves.  It looks like the signalarity will occur among the signalers.


I mean, sure, White women don’t deserve to get shot at even when they’re reporters.  But for the dude who was with her, and who had tried to hang out with Victor Flanagan after work – Flanagan went after the people who had been nicest to him, thus the people he recognized the most, not the people who had casually snubbed him, thus the people he didn’t think about – like a trap in a swimsuit, if you can’t see it, you deserve it.


I just realized that I need to pad this out to 1488 words, so,

A nigger, a kike, and an American are walking down the beach.  The sheeny sees something shiny and starts digging in the sand.  When the coon sees bling, he shoves the shyster aside and grabs it; it is a magic lantern and a genie appears and offers each of them one wish.

“Oh genie,” says the hymie, “I wish my people were freed of oppression and returned to Israel.”

“Granted,” says the genie, and the heeb vanishes.

“Oh genie,” says the jigaboo, “I wish my people were freed of oppression and returned to Africa.”

“Granted”, said the genie, and the velcrohead vanishes.

“And what is your wish?”, asks the genie to the American.

“So the niggers are all in Africa?” asks the American

“Yes”, says the genie.

“And the kikes are all in Israel?”

“Correct”, says the genie.

“Then”, says the American, “Can I have a coke?”


by the way check out my previous science post, what to replace sexual orientation theory with


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