You were born just in time to watch the world burn


Hey guys.  Did you all smoke a bowl for Hitler’s birthday?  I mean, assuming you live in a place where that isn’t still illegal, we do need to obey laws after all.

The bad guys have won every almost every conflict of the modern era.  The French weren’t the first to fall, either, they just fell harder than the English did.  It’s not just that any accumulation of social and material capital gets burned by a demotic fire.

Speaking of social capital, why is it that social capital is only talked about when it’s White social capital?  And of course, everyone needs equal access to White social capital.


Well anyway.  I got drunk at work today, because I’m a degenerate fucking faggot, and watched Baltimore burn.  The nigger sow mayor of Baltimore is named Rawlings-Blake.  That’s a very fitting name: the last thing that the English-Americans did before going into that good night was to give their names to their pets.

The English-American middle class not only had the greatest accumulation of material capital the world had ever seen, but their seed invested in the USA.  The Framers intended that only the English-American middle class would vote.  And then, well, Wolf Blitzer has been committing racial micro-aggressions against Blacks all day and should be fired.  So should all the racist police in Baltimore.

The funny thing about the X = X + power thing is that it recognizes that the political power enjoyed by minorities is tenuous, but the true power of White supremacy will not be erased unless, until, and to the extent that Whites blanda upp like in Egypt and India and Iran.

I’m not going to blame the Jews this time.  Whites didn’t have a scientific theory of race in the past, thus lacked racial loyalty, and used Jews and Turks and other mudbloods as weapons in their conflicts.

The Hindus before the Buddha had middle-class values.  My father and grandfather think they have middle-class values, like liberty and feminism and anti-racism, the middle-class values that made American great.

You know, the idea that I, a degenerate faggot, know more about what’s going on than productive members of the White middle class should be risible.  I should be a faggot mewling on the edge of society like the Buddhists, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, and other ridiculous morons who fuck niggers, or like the faggots of ancient Rome, hoping to confuse and waylay some hot chicks whose middle class parents don’t watch them well enough.  And that’s exactly what my Christian father and grandfather would think I was if I actually told them everything I thought.

The middle class doesn’t need to understand middle class values, they just need to be industrious and build social and material capital.

The word nigger is the most offensive word right now because White supremacy is the most taboo fact.

I thought that, if I ever posted another post, I would post the following about Christfaggotry –

here are some games to play with a christfag:

(1) offer him some tzatziki sauce to go with the agnus dei at church, which is always served dry

(2) ask him what a soul is.  Brew yourself some coffee while he responds.  When he finishes, throw the coffee in his face, call him a heretic, and insist on an incompatible description.

(3) Ask him, if God exists, why do niggers happen?  While he’s busy explaining with a mixture of retarded bullshit and heresy, rape his wife and impregnate her. He will tell her not to abort, because according to Aristotle and Aquinas, every blastocyst has a soul. Instead, he will ensure that your rapebaby is raised as well as if it was his own son, because, after all, it is his brother in Christ. But he might get sad. Perhaps he will go do missionary work for the Lᴏʀᴅ, and help his brothers in Christ in Nigeria build a sewer system for Lagos. Maybe he can even hook up with one of his equals there. Then he can go to a priest to clean his slate, if not his dick of herpes, and take his lovechild home to his wife, and teach it to read and write and hate the White man, and get a job as an educator, and a White wife, and a family of quadroons, who are all brothers in Christ and equal before the Lᴏʀᴅ.  Amen.

…but, really, is that even necessary?  Christfaggotry is utterly absurd, and so are Zoroastrianism and Buddhism, which were both invented by intelligent White men and led to the utter ruin of the White societies they infected.  But if it wasn’t those ideas, it would have been other ideas, any excuse for the dudes wondering why if they’re so smart they’re not as rich as the drunkard with an IQ of 90 and a big estate to fuck a nigger sow.

I know several good men of my parents’ generation who fucked Jewesses and have one Jew child; Belle Knox is apparently one of four Jew children of a Catholic White man.  It’s sadder and more dangerous than the men of my generation who fuck rice niggers, sadder since after alll men of my generation must be assumed to know nothing about anything, more dangerous because Jews are more dangerous than rice niggers.

Is there room for anything that isn’t insane, in a world of Communism vs Christianity?  Who could ever believe that every child wants to have sex with its mother?  That, and the Kinderladen movement, actually are more absurd and insane than anything Christians have ever done.  Of course, who would pay for foundations to study and promote a non-insane ideology?  Who would join?


Locke and Rousseau were right to look to the dawn of civilization, they were just wrong about how it happened.  Civilization became possible when there were enough industrious people with enough intelligence to be farmers, and enough really really smart people to direct them to do great things.  Then some smart, wrong people told a bunch of midwits things that midwits like to hear, and started political parties.  So it’s not that the bad guys keep winning.  It’s that the winners have more resources to empower midwits with, and thus fairly consistently are the bad guys.

OK good.  Now we have a version of Whig history to be just as smug about as they are, a simple line to mobilize an army of midwits with.

Right?  The Nazis, and today’s Nazis, are a movement of the middle class.  Is gas the kikes, race war now, or giving every nigger in the US a 250$ plane ticket to Africa for 10 billion dollars instead of paying more for their food stamps every year, really middle class values?  If you ask the middle class, you’ll probably hear that the White race and the middle class must be abolished for fairness and industriousness reasons, because, after all, fairness and industriousness are middle class values, and exclusion and destruction are not.

Awakening the sheeple is neither possible nor, really, desirable.  So, unlike the Marxists, who do express authentic middle class values, I actually have a scientific theory of human origins and development, and I’m actually not going to participate in building the next thing.


9 responses to “You were born just in time to watch the world burn”

  1. icareviews says :

    “Is gas the kikes [. . .] really middle class values?”

    I don’t know. Let’s ask this Jew.

  2. pseudo-chrysostom says :

    the problem with the thebian solution is that the really bad ideas dont discard themselves, but function parasitically off of the adept, using them to spread itself.

  3. lalit says :

    Yo! Since when was the Buddha White? And when was India ever a white society? What’s the basis of all these statements?

    • peppermint7889 says :

      The Buddha is said to have had blue eyes, and India is said to have been invaded by Aryans who set up the racist caste system in which higher castes are notable Whiter. There is also a tribe in Pakistan that has managed to retain White eye and hair colors.

  4. A.B. Prosper says :

    Belle Knox is actually part mid caste Indian despite her Jewish real name Mirian Weeks

    Apparently though daddies Catholic moral education did not rub off on her much, this is not racial in her case, Indians are prudish typically

    I suspect dad was too busy in the military doctoring the soldiers to parent her or the schools screwed her brains before he co-workers did her body or something.

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