christfags = cuckfags lol

ask a Christfag, if God exists, why do niggers happen?

While he’s busy explaining with a mixture of retarded bullshit and heresy, rape his wife and impregnate her. He will tell her not to abort, because according to Aristotle and Aquinas, every blastocyst has a soul. Instead, he will ensure that your rapebaby is raised as well as if it was his own son, because, after all, it is his brother in Christ. But he might get sad. Perhaps he will go do missionary work for the Lᴏʀᴅ, and help his brothers in Christ in Nigeria build a sewer system for Lagos. Maybe he can even hook up with one of his equals there. Then he can go to a priest to clean his slate, if not his dick of herpes, and take his lovechild home to his wife, and teach it to read and write and hate the White man, and get a job as an educator, and a White wife, and a family of quadroons, who are all brothers in Christ and equal before the Lᴏʀᴅ.  Amen.

Christfags = cuckfags lol

Nick B. Steves will probably say, lol, good luck getting near my wife.  After all, Christianity does help White communities be communities and defend themselves, until the wives get bored and want some pets


But that can happen to anyone, christfag or not, right?

Who paid for abolitionism, prohibition, and other nanny state degeneracy and faggotry?  Christfags.  When Margaret Mead was lying about Samoan cultural norms about sexuality, who was she cucking?  A christfag.  But a Lutheran christfag.  So maybe Catholicism is safe from cucking?  After all, it’s not Catholicism’s fault that Hitler lost WWII and Spain and Italy ended up like France and Germany but poorer, right?  It’s not Catholicism’s fault that the Pope is forced to wash the feet of the


and entertain the notion of transsexuality along with a bunch of trannies.

E. Michael Jones wrote a book, Degenerate Moderns, (which, by the way, is not the first book Alex Linder has told me about) which I have to like from the title, and have to dislike from about page 31 when he starts with the christfaggotry.

The book ends with Freeman espousing a mechanistic philosophy that confuses human nature with biology and is full of all sorts of incantations and evolutionary mumbo-jumbo.

Cultural adaptations, [Freeman tells us] are made possible by the evolutionary emergence of what Ernst Mayr has terms open programs of behavior, resulting from a gradual opening up of a genetic program to permit the incorporation of personally acquired information to an ever-greater extent…

Within an open program of behavior, then, a choice is made by the brain or in other parts of the nervous system between two or more responses to produce what Bonner calls “multiple-choice behavior.”

The appearance of culture is thus to be viewed as a “new niche that arose from the experimentation of animals with multiple-choice behavior…” With all due respect to Professor Freeman andthe service he has done in exposing Margaret Mead, this is simply mechanistic nonsense, little better than the cultural determinist nonsense that Mead propagated.  The brain is about as capable of choosing as it is of playing tennis.  Only the mind can make choices, and to say that the brain and the mind are the same thing is the crudest type of materialism.  It is like saying that radios can predict the weather.  Freeman’s nosedive at the end of his book is a sad denouement to a sound piece of anthropology.  It is also a pretty good indication of the general poverty of intellectual discourse in the twentieth century.  The anthopological pendulum swings from racist mumbo-jumbo to cultural relativism and then can find nowhere else to go but back again to a hopefully more benign form of the type of mechanism it left in the first place.

In the midst of this, the crucial question about human nature continues to go unanswered.  Is it a mere function of superego or culture, as Mead claimed?  Or is it to be discovered by ever more meticulous dissection of DNA?  The answer is that it is neither.  Neither alternative is anything more than a blind alley that has already been tried more than once and been found wanting.

Beyond that, Freeman’s myopia about human nature prevents him from answering probably the most important question of his study…

E. Michael Jones published this book in 1993.  He hangs out at , which is unknown for having accomplished absolutely nothing.  Hey Jones, why don’t you call me when you’re ready to take things a little more seriously.

Spandrell still thinks that human souls make all humans the same.  That calling a deer a horse story applies to the insectoid riceniggers, not humans.  Spandrell needs some han sanitizer (as do Vancouver and Tibet).  Whites have a deep-seated need to know the truth and do useful work, which, being harder to explain than gook behavior, lead muddleheaded men like E. Michael Jones to believe that Whites have these ‘souls’, after which, well, their accomplishments stand for themselves.

Opus Dei has great people, doesn’t it.  So did and do the Jesuits.  Why do the Jesuits spend more time promoting degeneracy than fighting it?  Do they know something we don’t?


Anyway, the Gnon compromise has collapsed (hey Spandrell, I’m social signaling to the other atheist NRxers to revoke that compromise, smash the Christians, and rape their wives), and NRx is wondering whether to be the smart and honest segment of the alt right, or the autistic lesswronger segment, or whatever.  I mean, Andrew Anglin would never post something like this, because he’s too busy trying to keep people from arguing about religion on his website and claims to believe in Jesus because his ancestors did and they are not stupid.  There’s a niche for exploratory alt-right content that would be problematic for Andrew Anglin to post.  But there’s also a niche to talk about social signaling, to social signal to each other about who’s the leader, or to just hang out and bitch about not being allowed to say the word nigger at work.  I’m mostly here for the bitching anyway.


3 responses to “christfags = cuckfags lol”

  1. blogfamiglia says :

    Thank you, Peppermint.
    It’s very refreshing to hear the truth
    I’m just a libtard prole on the list for the Day of the Rope,
    But it’s comforting to understand
    What the TradCats actually believe.
    No eternal torture, no souls, blastocytes.
    I’m actually in full agreement.
    But the Pope didn’t kneel!!
    So he’s a heretic.

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