Endgame news

(1) Hungarian prime minister explicitly rejects the consensus:

As I see the the light of European political life, not only do I sense the lack of reassuring answers, I am not even sure they understand the questions at all.

We therefore let go of neoliberal economic policy, and perhaps we did so as late as we possibly could have; we let go of the policy of austerity, just before we were about to share the fate of Greece; we let go of the delusion of the multicultural society before it turned Hungary into a refugee camp, and we let go of liberal social policy which does not acknowledge the common good and denies Christian culture as the natural foundation – and perhaps the only natural foundation – for the organization of European societies. We decided to face the barrage of unfair attacks and accusations, and also let go of the dogma of political correctness.

And as far as I see it, Hungarian people are by nature politically incorrect – in other words, they have not yet lost their common sense.

(2) Greek Communists promised not to sign the Troika memorandum.  They signed the loan agreement with the international partners.  Who exactly do they think they’re fooling?  The Cathedral bought itself a year by running an explicitly communist party.  In that year, they did not suicide the Golden Dawn leadership in prison and offer plata o plomo to the rest.  The 18 months that they are allowed to hold the Golden Dawn leadership in prison before trial is up, they will have to go forward with a trial now, which is going to be even more of a farce than the George Zimmerman trial.

Maybe the best option for Greece is for the government to go bankrupt, the country to be bought by Karl von Habsburg, who would presumably assign Constantine II to manage it.  A more likely option is Golden Dawn.  The Greek media is apparently hoping that their new political party, staffed by journalists, might be able to get enough votes to coalition with some other parties and avoid a Golden Dawn government.

(3) Jesse Jackson suggests that businesses not be permitted to leave the ghettoes.  Which means even he has given up on more federal loans to for minority-owned businesses.

Let’s talk about short stories I read in middle school.  I read Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron, in which Vonnegut, an Old Leftist, makes fun of the New Left.  He also wrote Player Piano, in which he predicts the end of the Old Left when automation takes over; he could not have imagined that insourcing and outsourcing would have also contributed because most people back then didn’t really think much of race for some reason lol.  I thought Harrison Bergeron was a little over the top.  Another short story I read in middle school was The Lottery, in which a town needs to sacrifice a human every year for some reason lol.  I thought it was also over the top.

So what just happened at the University of Oklahoma is some students sang a blatantly illegal song and their frat was shut down as expeditiously as possible.  The song that was sung make the frat blatantly illegal, and the University would have been illegal if it didn’t dissociate itself from the frat immediately, so what the University did was really measured and reasonable within the prevailing assumptions, and, after all, it’s illegal to question those assumptions.  The only way the University can control what frat houses people live in is to threaten to expel them, so that’s what it did.

It was still disgusting and horrifying.  I realize that this isn’t the place for maudlin bluster like any system that needs to be maintained by nauseating threats will eventually need to carry out those threats, but, any system that needs to be maintained by nauseating threats will eventually need to carry out those threats.

In America, ten men drive around the mountains in ten cars, one of them with bad brakes.  The next day nine visit the one in the hospital.  In France, ten men court ten beautiful women, one of whom has AIDS, make love to them all night, and the next day nine of them visit the one in the hospital.  In Russia, ten men get drunk and tell political jokes all night, one of whom is a KGB informer.  The next day, one of them visits the nine in jail.

This movie that somehow got produced recently, The Purge, was basically the kind of short story that the kids in my class were assigned to write after reading those short stories.  Even so, it puts to us a poignant question.  It shows us a worthless nigger, and asks us if he should be killed for being a worthless nigger.  Give a dog a bad name and you can hang him by it, right?  The White answer is, no, we do not mistreat animals.

The extent to which people believe in the system of anti-racism is the extent to which they believe that if they stop believing in anti-racism, animals will be mistreated.

It’s just not a progressive world anymore.  Maybe NRx isn’t needed anymore because we’re not living in a progressive world anymore.

The news that it’s not a blue world anymore has reached by xbf, who has thus retreated from politics confused.  I selfishly don’t want to argue with him, because I value his perspective.  I was hanging out with him, being a shabbos goy and making hamentashen for purim, and he recited this factoid that there were no Christian dark ages.  It’s not consistent with the other things he thinks, of course, but it sounds smart, and that’s enough for someone with an 1-2σ IQ; at least he isn’t gay enough to pass off these factoids as his own insights and blog about them, unlike Henry Dampier.

One thing I like to do with him is go outside and look at the stars.  All the planets have Roman names, but many of the stars, such as Altair and Aldebaran, Deneb and Denebola, have these durka durka names.  Rigel, for example, is dune coon for left shoe of the suicide bomber.  Betelgeuse is towelhead for bloody hand of the beheader.  The ancient Greeks, of course, not only knew about all the stars of magnitude class 5 and above, they charted the movements of the planets, using this technique called epicycles that’s less insane than the Father being consubstantial and begetting but not making the Son (genitum non factum.  (This song is reverently sung, it’s beautiful, and…)), in Ptolemy’s Almagest.  The reason it’s the Almagest is that this magesterial tome was read through translation from sandniggerese by the Renaissance.

The things that ISIS blows up, people have already taken pictures of.  Monks copying the Bible over and over would erase and write over other books that were deemed less important.  Who knows what they burned?  What could possibly be more important than the salvation of souls?

Perhaps they were spiritually crushed by the inexplicable collapse of the Empire and sought solace in a religion that told them they could trust that the invisible empire of God was watching, that their sins could be forgiven, that they should trust God and do the right thing.  The Empire proved mortal, but they could be personally immortal.  At any rate, White people sure love killing each other over millennial cults offering personal immortality in exchange for their future and the future of their people.

Newton wanted to calculate how long the universe had existed.  He was stuck with a garbage metaphysics, so his painstaking calculations are worthless, but at least he calculated something, unlike his contemporary Leibniz who commented on why if God exists do bad things happen (incidentally, when believers want to tell other people to believe, they ask why if God doesn’t exist do good things happen).  Newton also came up with good optics and solved a problem people were having with lenses.  He also decided that there were 7 colors in a rainbow to match the 7 laws that God gave in his covenant after the flood, thus forcing every schoolboy to learn that indigo means dark blue and fits between blue and purple somehow.

Newton and Leibniz were in the 16th century.  In the 13th century, the smartest thing anyone could talk about is the properties of angels.  That’s not to say that Christianity is entirely useless to civilization.  Charles Martel, John Sobiesky, and the Reconquista aren’t nothing.  God can’t tell cannons to accept larger loads without exploding, you need metallurgy for that, but God can tell the Holy League to set aside their differences and defeat a materially superior Turkish fleet.  Thus – and these battle lines were set long before any of us were born – some people want religion to fight degeneracy and to serve the race, and are suspected of not taking religion seriously, and others who are muddle-headed enough to believe in anything discuss whether religion implies that degeneracy is great.  But anyway.  I’m not qualified to comment on whether a dark age was necessary after the Fall of Rome, how long it had to take, and whether the form it took was more or less destructive than whatever else might have happened.

So let’s talk about anime.  There’s this anime, The Devil is a Part-Timer, in which Satan and a hero, the daughter of an angel by a human, end up in Japan, and get jobs and don’t want to go back.  The hero is, of course, like the Greek heroes; just as we don’t understand how the Japanese can acknowledge both Shinto and Buddhism, they probably don’t understand the distinction between Greek paganism and Christianity, especially considering that so many Western artists have used both.  Anyway, they would rather be Japanese part-timers.  I mean, who wouldn’t rather be a Japanese part-timer, besides a few White supremacists sitting on the third floor, if that, or a creaky old building, scratching the turdlets from his butthole with paper because he hasn’t invented a bidet, dreaming of the old days when Western cities were the envy of the world, waiting for gas the kikes race war now?

The alternative right aren’t the only people who know why we can’t have subways and skyscrapers.  Jesse Jackson just admitted it, and after over 50 years of being told the IQ gap and more importantly the civilized behavior gap are going to close in the next 15 years, well, communism started in the USSR in the ’20s and stopped in the ’90s, so if antiracism collapses within the next ten years, it will be right on schedule.

But this is really the endgame, because the legitimacy of the Cathedralist consensus has utterly collapsed, and it is being openly defied.

Anyway, Twitter is for shouting slogans.  But that’s enough, because the analytical work of NRx was finished long ago, NRx is not needed by people who are already prepared to question the things Moldbug slowly brings up in his Open Letter, and it seems that the only thing left to do is argue about who’s the leader or bitch about not being allowed to say the word nigger at work or whatever.


3 responses to “Endgame news”

  1. aramaxima says :

    Radish did far more for me than Moldbug, FWIW. For an intelligent person willing to look, the progressive frame has an antidote.

    As for the work left to be done — I am unconvinced it’s trivial.

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