What to replace sexual orientation theory with

Sexual orientation is a scientific theory, but when you say out loud what it entails, you laugh out loud.  While I’m interested in the reasons for the lies of feminism and race-doesnt-exist-ism, sexual orientation is to me pretty clearly not a remotely serious proposition but just a Schilling point for the proggies.

It appears barely believable when you sever your views about human sexuality from both reproduction and ethology.  The next generation grows up watching The Discovery Channel, and will think more clearly by and large about ethological issues including the Jewish parasite.

So I’m not here to say that sexual orientation is retarded, but to give pointers to where to look to be actually informed about the other choices humans have beyond marriage.

Marriage is good for humans.  It is also good for penguins and snowy owls, who go back to the same partners every breeding season.  Peacocks, meanwhile, put on as much bling as they can afford, so they can get a hook up.

Duck women can either get married, have steady boyfriends, hook up, or get raped.  They have specially designed vaginas – vaginas, not cloacas – so they can have some control over whether they actually get inseminated by their rapists.  Of course, we’re not supposed to talk about the fact that human women also can be raped and want to be raped by the most impressive man.  Even progressives who own cats know that cats always reproduce through rape.

Giraffes headbutt their women, then lick their urine, to determine if they are in season.  Some human men can sense whether better than other human men whether women are in season.  Bear men sometimes infanticide children so the women will go into estrus sooner.

Zebra men will infanticide the new children of their new sex slaves, which is a pretty common and not very talked about occurrence in humans, especially with Black men infanticiding stepchildren.  Left unsaid by the ethologists making the video I watched about the zebras is how zebra women ended up following around the strongest man as a harem.  I think it’s pretty clear that they do it to avoid infanticide.

Some species of goats like to separate into separate herds.  So do the Ents – as Fangorn sadly tells the tale, the Entwives wanted to make nice gardens and the Ents weren’t interested, so they separated, and then they lost track of each other, and there haven’t been any Entings in an age.

Anyway, that’s all about rape and infanticide.  My purpose here was transgenderism and sexual orientation.

Salmen like to find a good woman and fertilize her egg pile.  Weak salmen, who aren’t able to compete, like to not wear the bright colors salmen are supposed to wear, but instead pretend to be women and skulk around egg piles guarded by salmen who are obeying their gender role.  The other salmen probably think that faggots are disgusting and should be fed to the bears, but, it’s an equilibrium.

In one species of goats, that separates into separate herds, there are transwomen.  They get the advantage of if a woman enters estrus begins before the herds recombine they get to nail her first.  Human transwomen who want to access female safe spaces don’t even promise that they’re only interested in “having sex with” men.

That’s it for transgenderism.  But what of sexual orientation?

Everyone hears about the bonobos that love to have lots of sex, including homosexual oral sex and sodomy.  (Funny story about the baboons, sexual strategies, and speciation – http://youtu.be/4LTWi13_jjk?t=17m30s – of course, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before).  No one ever accuses them of being gay.  No one ever talks about how they use man-on-man action to rank themselves, either.  Human men who are in prison are notorious for using sodomy to rank themselves.

But wait, why would Anal Turing and Oscar Wild have been interested in buggery, when they were pretty popular guys?  Well, I don’t have answers for everything.  Also, what’s the deal with humans, in particular the Muzzies, using 12 year old boys for Greek sex?  At some point, you’re not ranking yourself, you’re just a pervert, right?  The Muzzies may be responding to a culture in which the strongest men have four wives and most men must content themselves with buggering each other, and showing off their strength by buggering the choicest of men.  But that doesn’t explain the Greeks like Plato.

Anyway, it’s pretty clear that buggery is a show you put on to impress women, that transwomanism is an attempt to circumvent social mores to access women, and that humans should only be allowed to reproduce in one man : one women marriages.  At least until we figure out how to build perfect comrades in tanks.


4 responses to “What to replace sexual orientation theory with”

  1. Samson says :

    “Of course, we’re not supposed to talk about the fact that human women also can be raped and want to be raped by the most impressive man.”

    It’s more that being raped by the strongest men is evolutionary advantageous to women. I doubt many women, rape fantasies notwithstanding, consciously desire to be raped. They *don’t have to*. In fact, it makes sense that women would be very cautious of rape, so that only the strongest, fittest men would manage to rape them.

    The queen bee flees the drones, so that only the fastest drone would get to her. A human equivalent would be the “shit test”. Rape (as a mechanism) serves women, but they don’t necessarily desire it.

    • peppermint7889 says :

      Some species of animals can either have sex or virgin births. They prefer virgin births, but when they’re stressed out, they crave sex.

      I mean, I guess I’m conflating desire with instinct, but we can’t pretend that desire and instinct are totally separate.

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