Trolling is Inherently Right-Wing. Also, Protestantism is Over

Trolling is when you push someone’s buttons in order to make fun of them when they respond.  It only works when they are likely to respond stupidly, which is to say, when their will differs from the will of God.  Thus trolling is inherently oriented towards order.

Trolling often appears oriented towards chaos, and badly done trolling is.  However, the nomos isn’t a rock, it’s a bush that must be watered and trimmed.  Progressives have always said that following rules because they are rules is not always in accordance with the higher law, and that what is false is false regardless of who says it.  Why, yes, it is.

History’s most famous troll, Socrates, got the democrats so angry that they executed him, thus proving that democracy is evil once and for all.

It Was the Will of God that Progressivism would Get This Far

In God’s cosmos, what is possible is what happens.  In that sense, Luther was right that God gave him permission to interpret the Bible in a manner of his choice.

Today, it is illegal to talk about the plain meaning of the first chapter of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.  We all know how it happened.  We had a Christian society, then a Christian society where anyone can interpret the Bible as they choose and no one has to argue with, read, or even mention Summa Theologica, then a Judeo-Christian society, and now it’s illegal to quote Paul.

Moldbug mentions that is is illegal to have a Confederate Racist Television network; after all, progressives will readily admit that there are plenty of rednecks who would want to watch it from their trailers and the Koch Brothers, Chick-Fil-A, and your local plumber would love to advertise on it.

Today, Protestant churches have a choice.  They can choose to interpret Paul to not be homophobic, which means lying, or they can choose to be homophobic themselves, which means facing off against the princes of the world – alone.

I must admit that I wasn’t sure Francis would take his duties as Pope seriously.  He was constantly talking about “call me Jorge”,  “Bishop of Rome”, “I’m a sinner”, “who are we to judge?”.  At the end of his synod, he was talking about the responsibility of the pope as guardian of the deposit of faith.  In retrospect, of course Francis takes being Pope seriously: he’s a Jesuit, with that fourth vow, an order devoted to suppressing Protestantism.

He came to the Papacy at just the right time.  Protestants have a choice.  They can forsake heresy and return to the Apostolic Church, or they can double-down on heresy and be forced to say that the word of God is what the princes of the world say it is.

Because the word of God is what the princes of the world say it is, isn’t it.  There’s a reason they have their power.  We are followers, we can choose Rome or Washington, and then try to do the works that merit salvation.

Isn’t it?  No, because the princes of the world now have such totally inconsistent beliefs, they can’t talk for more than a few sentences before contradicting themselves, and have nothing but increasingly empty emotional appeals, and increasingly important naked force, to maintain the authority that the Author of Creation has given them.

And if they get trolled into using that naked force, then this farce of democratic freedom is over.

Why Anti-Progressivism Hasn’t Won Yet

Dr. Don Felix Sarda y Salvany wrote in his book Liberalism is a Sin that

Now the unity of Liberalism is not positive but negative; it has no unity of its own; it is by virtue of its opposition to truth, which is essentially one, that Liberalism becomes accidentally one. As the vis-a-vis [or opponent] of truth, it possesses the unity of opposition: The different degrees of its denial will constitute the degrees of its opposition and so give us the varieties in the negative unity of its denial. Denial is its unity in general, and this ranges through the entire realm of negation, the degree of denial being determined by the degree of truth denied. If men were absolutely logical and followed to their ultimate conclusions the premises which they lay down, they would become angels or devils in working out the consequences according to the goodness or badness of their first principles. But men are not always logical; they often stop short of the consequences logically flowing from the premises preceding. We, therefore, as a rule, see the good as only half good and the bad as not altogether bad. Hence we find few out-and-out Liberals. Not many go the full length of their principles. They are nevertheless true Liberals, that is, veritable disciples, partisans or followers of Liberalism, ranging themselves under its banner, either as a school, a sect or a party.

I must admit that I was convinced to be a liberal due to the unity of liberalism, which I mistook for its truth.  What was the opposition?  There was neoconservatism: liberal ideas, unprincipled exceptions.  There was Protestant holy-roller-ism: quoting random Bible verses, baldly asserting that the Bible answers all questions, never bothering to make a coherent argument.  There was libertarianism, again, with liberal ideas and unprincipled expressions.  And there was the much-maligned paleoconservatism: the last shall be first.

In the past, there have been many waves of anti-Progressivism.  In one of them, people in the US decided to start getting circumcized.  In another, an alliance of feminists and preachers decided to try banning alcohol.  Most recently, the Reagan Revolution accomplished amnesty for illegals, while Nixon’s return to normalcy and Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America appear to have been utterly vacuous.

The ’90s was the last time one could pretend that things were still pretty okay.  But just as the world that Calvinist industriousness built was to fall apart into the entirely predictable madness, we were given the Internet, enabling trolling on a massive scale.

Lol Gamergate

Gamergate started with con artist Anita Sarkeesian pretending to the media to be a videogame critic, and whore Zoe Quinn pretending to the media to be a videogame developer.  Now it’s about opposing the march of progressivism into the videogame industry, first with affirmative action hires breaking the glass ceiling, then using anti-harassment law to demand at least tacit acceptance of their agenda.  Thus Hamburger Helper tries to fill Mass Effect with faggotry.  The reason I’m recapitulating this story is that everyone knows it this time.

The correct response is hatemongering.  Those affirmative action hires breaking the glass ceiling, individually, love the attention they get from trolls – they see it as validating their world view, and post incessantly about it.  This creates drama, which makes obvious their role, as ideologues first and only tangentially workers.  The trolls get their lulz, the affirmative actions get their validation, the traditional media gets stories to write – everyone wins.


The CDC was spun off from the military, with an initial mandate to fight tropical diseases.  Why are they tropical diseases?  Because the response of civilized people to malaria is to drain the swamp.  Tropical diseases is a euphemism for diseases ravaging uncivilized populations.  The CDC got its current name at some point in the ’70s.

There was an unexplained cluster of disease among gays.  The public health apparatus figured out in 1984 that it was caused by a virus they were giving each other in the seed they were rectally inserting into each other.  The LGBTTIQQ2SA+ community was outraged that the government wasn’t doing enough about GRID and that the government was telling people that GRID was caused by their behavior.  Of course, back then, it was only the gay community.

The changed the name from GRID to AIDS – Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome, that could be acquired by anyone and has no relation to gays.  Since then, the government’s response to disease has been to lie about it.  Public health professionals believe that lying about diseases is the best way to make sure that people seek treatment and don’t panic.

By now, lying about diseases is the only thing they know how to do.  Thus the lies about the tropical disease Ebola.  And they get really mad about hatemongering, while telling Africans not to worry about taking the bus with people with Ebola, or to go to treatment centers where if they don’t already have it they’ll be sure to get it instead of staying home and avoiding contact with others.  In a democracy, every part of the government’s job #1 is to manager public opinion and only tangentially to do effective things.  Good luck Ebola-chan!

Neoreactionary Nirvana

Buddhists believe that suffering is the result of desire for things that are ‘an-atta’, that is, not-self, and by ending desire they can end suffering.  Then, when they die, their self can merge with whatever and stuff.  At best, this means the same thing as Catholicism.  Sorrow is the result of one’s will being thwarted, and to end sorrow one can will only that the will of God be done.  Then, when Catholics die, they believe that they receive the Beatific Vision, in which the totality of God’s will is revealed to them.

In less religious words, they become untrollable.


2 responses to “Trolling is Inherently Right-Wing. Also, Protestantism is Over”

  1. infowarrior1 says :


    ”Protestants have a choice. They can forsake heresy and return to the Apostolic Church, or they can double-down on heresy and be forced to say that the word of God is what the princes of the world say it is.”

    Er no. The word of God faithfully and adequately translated speaks for itself. Middlemen that obfuscate or snakes that twist the word of God does no service.

  2. aramaxima says :

    This entire post is genius! I’m disappointed you haven’t written since October.

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