Progressives are Stupid

The National Organization for Women has a new campaign, #hollaback, to combat street harassment.

I noticed that on the subway, few ads have their quota of positive portrayals of underprivileged minorities anymore, except for the ones that are from the government or NGOs, half of which are trying to convince those underprivileged minorities to behave better and half of which are informing those underprivileged minorities about various government services they might be eligible to consume.

Last year the buses had advertisements saying that if you punch the bus driver you will be arrested, with a picture of a White woman in handcuffs.  This year the buses all have cameras everywhere and a precious advertisement spot is taken up by a screen showing what those cameras see.

The street harassment campaign from NOW, #hollaback, is pretty explicitly targeting African-Americans; who, if you can convince a woman to speak truthfully, are the worst offenders.

The goal of the campaign is something like this:


NOW is trying to enlist the patriarchy to protect women.  This is, of course, a good thing.

Dream of Californication

California has moved from laws that protect fornication and adultery to laws similar to Muslim marriage, but without the four-wife limit.  Moving towards marriage is also good for civilization; now they just need to put those consent documents in the public record, limit it to 1 man : 1 woman, ban divorce like Christ, and that’s that.  Did anyone expect that California would be the first state to do something about fornication?  Well, they’ve been insulted by that song for long enough.

Progressives are Stupid

Seriously, who thought restrictions on fornication or enlisting men to protect women from African-Americans was going to destroy civilization?  But these individual progressives in their little NGOs think of something, and they don’t have anyone to tell them that it’s counterproductive to the grand scheme.

The Trayvon Martin shooting is a great example.  They could have started talking about de-facto privatization of otherwise public services, with the two-tier society of charter schools and neighborhood watch that Whites use to avoid the groid; they could have used that shooting as an excuse to force onerous liability insurance requirements and ineffectiveness training on neighborhood watch.  What they did was pick the stupidest party line imaginable and run with it – why?  Because the people who were there first wanted that party line, and everyone else just followed like a bunch of lemmings.

There are plenty of people capable of thinking strategy.  They are supposed to be the leaders and tell the sheeple what to bleat angrily about.  Instead, the Internet means that the sheeple can bleat anything to each other.

Which means that instead of picking what to push right now according to what will best harm the White race and Western civilization, they pick what to push according to what sounds the best to their own NGO staff.  Thus, kindergarteners in the UK get to choose which bathroom to go to, right now.

Gay marriage wasn’t accomplished in a day or even a decade, instead, it took decades of internal discipline in the faggotry movement to get it.  We can rejoice in the fact that progressives are no longer capable of pulling something like that off.


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