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A Passivist Prayer

Shafarevich in The Socialist Phenomenon and Radish in Reign of Reason discuss the same phenomenon of socialism.  After going through the history of the evil cult of living death through the middle ages, Shafarevich concludes that socialism is the result of some kind of death instinct – this after denouncing Freud.  Unfortunately, while Shafarevich in his vast moral courage manages to denounce the stupidity of his day from inside Soviet Russia, his courage does not extend to finding a better psychology.  It’s right there, but he can’t grasp it, because it’s explicitly unscientific.  Of course, now that science is advanced enough to study the issue, it’s being reintroduced.

For some reason, Radish refused to comment on why these communists hate religion.  What’s the answer?  I have the same answer as Pope St. Gregory the Great: pride and envy.

Four Presidents agree: Bomb Iraq, give weapons to Israel, require banks to give affirmative action loans, cut taxes, ignore illegal immigration, …

In this country, the White ethnic group is overwhelmingly powerful, as is the middle class, which has plenty of resources and a great many votes.  The White middle class could get anything it wanted.  But what does the White middle class want?

The White middle class is the only group whose votes are not counted before the election; these are the “swing voters” who make the actual decision.  Both candidates must be more or less acceptable to the White middle class; and that’s all they observably want.  They want to feel like they have power, and they don’t to have to respect anyone else.  Pride and envy.

What they actually get is a Democrat, who first counts votes from non-Whites, then from queers, young women who want Uncle Sam the Big Pimp, and any other demographics that can be sliced out of the White middle class, and lastly tries to gather enough votes from the socialists in the White middle class to get over 50%.  The only other choice is the Republican, who first counts the cash he gets from the corporations, then tries to win over socialists with promises of more effective socialist policy, and then knows that those Whites and middle class voters who recognize that the Republican is the only way not to vote for terror, confiscation, and death, will be forced to vote for him.

The White middle class is the only demographic who have a choice.  And yet, their choice is between anti-White policies, and tax cuts for jobs being shipped overseas while the environment is despoiled here.  But at least they get to pretend that they are the equals of their rulers, so it’s okay.

The socialist bargain with Satan

What would a government that valued and tried to increase the value of the human capital of the White middle class look like?  How could we incentivize such a government?  It would actually be pretty easy: the answer is private property.  Let Mitt Romney buy the entire city of Chicago, or maybe a few neighborhoods of it, and watch him fix it up by suppressing crime, instead of working with crime to get elected.  That’s the old answer, too, and an answer unpalatable to socialists, motivated by pride and envy.  They don’t even like Mitt Romney the businessman and family man; they would hate having to look up to Mitt Romney the Lord Mayor of Chicago.

Socialists are willing to put up with any kind of degeneracy, and any degradation of public services, and any loss to their own quality of life, as long as they can still think themselves great, or at least equal to everyone else.

Satan was willing to go to Hell in order to think himself smarter than God.  Adam and Eve were willing to die for a promise of equality to God, and since then, this seemingly immortal cult of living death has been destroying everything for the same reason.

A Passivist Prayer

We will not escape the propaganda bubble until we repent and purge our souls of the will to dominate others.  For which we lose nothing, since it is likely that no one reading this actually has any real power, and for which we gain the ability to see the world without thinking ‘I can get these monkeys together by saying these things, and then we can beat up those other monkeys and reproduce with their female relatives’: thus we can think outside of the partisan dichotomy and realize that fracking is bad and the dangers of global warming and nuclear power are overstated.

Voting is how we got into this mess, and repentance is the only way out.  However, instead of not voting, I will vote for the most politically incorrect candidate possible as an insult to the system; because any king that would debase himself by asking me for moral support deserves to be laughed at.  I will accept his commands, and maybe write him a private letter complaining about about the traffic lights at the crosswalk.

Socialists believe that power concedes nothing without a fight.  Like many of their slogans, this is a blatant, completely backwards lie: power by definition can only concede without a fight, or it would not be power.  Tsar Nicholas II’s cavalry was too feckless to fire on the socialists; and for that Nicholas’ entire family was murdered, the Church suppressed, and Russia suffered under 70 years of socialism.  Deng Xiaoping’s tanks rolled over that socialist in Tienanmen Square, and China was spared a second round of cultural revolution and gained significant prosperity.

Thus, I offer to the personification of the order of the cosmos the following prayer:

Lord, grant our rulers the grace to rule with the wisdom and clarity to enable us to live according to the virtues that You inscribed on our souls+