The dam breaks

ImageThe dam breaks.  The two charges NRx levels at progressivism, democracy and HBD denial, are openly discussed in in the beating heart of the Cathedral; how long before the tainted blood reaches every cell?  The long 20th century, from the 1890s to the 2010s, the age of progress, is over.

It is thus time to eulogize.  Progressivism was about the inherent dignity of the individual human person, approached in an age of technological marvels made possible by reductive science, as a unique entity who can be understood outside of any social context.

Its errors are perhaps best captured by this quote from Persona Humana (by the CDF, under Pope Paul VI, 1975):

The people of our time are more and more convinced that the human person’s dignity and vocation demand that they should discover, by the light of their own intelligence, the values innate in their nature, that they should ceaselessly develop these values and realize them in their lives, in order to achieve an ever greater development.

Therefore there can be no true promotion of man’s dignity unless the essential order of his nature is respected. Of course, in the history of civilization many of the concrete conditions and needs of human life have changed and will continue to change. But all evolution of morals and every type of life must be kept within the limits imposed by the immutable principles based upon every human person’s constitutive elements and essential relations – elements and relations which transcend historical contingency.

To get in the mood, let’s tune to the best hymn of the progressive age, One of Us.

White privilege

There are a few NRx responses to White privilege, the most common being the one Moldbug and everyone make, that it is a red herring, that privus lex belongs to Blacks, and that in a world where Jonathan Foster gets murdered with a blowtorch there are more interesting things going on than White privilege.

And yet every White who doesn’t get followed around in a store because they don’t fit the profile of the typical shoplifter knows that White privilege is real.  Privilege ☑

John Derbyshire wrote two years ago following the outburst of sanctimony regarding the shooting of Trayvon Martin in his post The Talk: Non-Black Version that

Unfortunately the demand is greater than the supply, so IWSBs are something of a luxury good, like antique furniture or corporate jets: boasted of by upper-class whites and wealthy organizations, coveted by the less prosperous. To be an IWSB in present-day US society is a height of felicity rarely before attained by any group of human beings in history. Try to curb your envy: it will be taken as prejudice (see paragraph 13).

I can imagine an IWSB agreeing off the record with Derbyshire’s assessment – with the proviso that racism hangs like the Sword of Damocles, or, rather, sleeps like Fenris, waiting to arise with the Jormugandr and destroy the gods.  And look, racism is back.  The 𝖗𝖆ſſ𝖊𝖓𝖍𝖆ß𝖊𝖗𝖚𝖓𝖌 begins.
Nicholas Wade’s book doesn’t just say that race exists and that races have different properties, that was and is known to every serious person.  Progress swept away HBD awareness when it was at that level; Nicholas Wade is smart enough not to resign to simply restate what had been considered.  Instead, it goes much, much further.
Reddit loves to refer to Gypsies as a criminal ethnicity and Gypsies as criminals; the Chantards are fond of saying “niggers gotta nig”.  To the DailyStormer crowd, the Jews are a nation of highly evolved parasitical nation-wreckers.  People say things like, the frog shouldn’t ask the scorpion ‘why did you sting me’, and ‘you don’t give the bears fishing poles.  If they needed fishing poles, they would make them’ – explicitly dehumanizing the lesser races, whence Social Darwinism becomes simply Darwinism.  Perhaps infuriatingly, but correctly, the progressive response to this isn’t to ask if it’s true or not, but to say, give a dog a bad name and you can hang him by it.
I’ve been considering writing a review of The Turner Diaries and its prequel – my working title was The Turner Diaries is Disgusting and Retarded.  Then I came across this trove of documents.  When man has forgotten the theological virtues, how long before he forgets the cardinal virtues as well?  Prudence would have suggested that all copies of The Pale Horsemen would be stolen and burned so that the enemies of White nationalism, such as myself, could not throw them in the faces of the Hitler-worshippers.  But really, a picture is worth as thousand words.
(For those of you who still don’t know this, terrorism spreads chaos instead of upholding cosmos.  It is always and everywhere the tool of the Devil, and only the servants of the Devil can make effective use of it.  I can’t believe I have to say this.)
So there’s a real question as to how can I possibly talk about race, much less justify White privilege, in a world where people say this kind of thing.  White privilege is of course impossible to justify in a world of human atoms.  Everyone knows that an offense to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  But if natural selection did not work at the level of individuals, but at the level of ethnicities – if being White really meant something – then maybe it’s okay to notice that Whites are less likely to shoplift and require less supervision.  Progressives are correct to say that Trayvon was essentially human, carrying the sin of Adam and Eve, seduced and threatened by the same snake.  But maybe their further question, “What if Trayvon was White”, is nonsensical, because very few White children have that problem with drugs, theft, and violence.
One of the big ideas of Catholicism as opposed to Ultracalvinism is the focus on objective reality, as opposed to asking what if and why not and such.  Ceteris paribus and mutatis mutandis are hard to think through fully.  Reality may include things unaccounted for in the just-so stories we tell ourselves.  (Unfortunately, the most relevant part of The Latter-day Pamphlets, Chapter 8: Jesuitism, is not on Project Gutenberg.)  Trayvon could not have been White, because a White 17-year-old would not have been Trayvon. 
The idea that the family and community and ethnicity could also be basic units of society is what Nicholas Wade resigned in order to suggest to us (he resigned for your sins, progressives.  Seek redemption in his sacrifice).
Conservatives are slimy cowards who deserve their failure
The word racism wasn’t invented by Trotsky the hook-nosed Bolshevik Jew to confuse and demoralize Whites.  It appears in translation from Trotsky, and may have caught on in that translation; certainly it caught fire in the ’60s.  But it was invented at the beginning of the progressive century, by Ultracalvinists, to confuse and demoralize Indians (wow, really didn’t expect that of the cute fluffy Ultracalvinists, did we?)
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first use of the word racism was in 1903 in this passage:

“The great American idee / Is to make a man a man / And then to let him be”…

If we can make the Indian a man and get him to the point where he has ability to take care of himself and then let him alone, there will be no trouble…

Association of races and classes is necessary in order to destroy racism and classism…

Remove the restraints and influences that keep him on his reservation in tribal life…

The distribution of money to an Indian tribe is always regarded by those living near the Indians as a contribution to the development of that district. That it harms the Indian is not considered….

It is the greatest possible wrong to prolong their Indianism, whether we do it for humanitarian or so-called scientific reasons. We have a bureau in Washington which gets large sums of money for the alleged purpose of investigating the mysteries of Indian life and discovering their origin…

What the Indian was is past, and cannot be restored…

The ethnologists prefer the Indian kept in his original paint and feathers…

Is it berating Whites for their treatment of Indians?  Or is it a slimy conservative, trying to sneak a bit of red in a sugar pill, not understanding that the active ingredient is the sugar?  This is Bill O’Reilly in 1903.

And he’s scheming, of course, that since Whites outnumber Indians, assimilation will mean more Elizabeth Warren than Barack Obama.  Well, looks like that word racism escaped its context, didn’t it.  Thanks guys.

Well, now that the progressive century is over, this word can be retired.

Deus Caritas Est
Sometimes the progressives like to “steelman” our positions, which means to replace arguments they don’t understand with arguments they can pretend to sympathize with.  Most notably, when they replace the argument that gay marriage is a redutio ad absurdum, a sacrilege against the institution of the family, a blasphemy against human sexuality; with the worry that if corruption is rewarded more people will be corrupted – it’s not really false, is it?  But it’s also not the argument at hand.  Steelmanning is willful ignorance masquerading as charity.
The main thing that they use the word ‘charity’ for, however, is what Moldbug called ‘nonempathic altruism‘ and Jim now calls ‘improbable caring‘: where invidia apes caritas.
However, when the proggies want to talk about NRx’ers – talk, not berate – they charitably ignore our racism, a complicated subject they don’t want to talk about too much, to talk about our royalism.  It attacks them in sort of the same way – in the human atom individualism – but it’s something they can reasonably talk about.  Even without a word for it, they do have an inherent sense of charity, after all, they are human.
They also have an inherent sense of modesty, which they have also lost the word for.  Understanding of human nature cuts both ways, of course.  People on the right have undoubtedly felt the alienation of wage labor that Karl Marx talks about.  Mangan’s hinted at it recently.  Carlyle would say we are put here to work; I am under the impression that Marx would agree.  There is the problem that so much work is meaningless and what is meaningful is thankless and what gets rewarded is dishonorable.  What are we to do?  Marx suggests that we form unions, turn capital-intensive businesses into cooperatives, and so on.  If it comes down to it, yes, form unions!  More people should read Rerum Novarum, the encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on capital and labor.  Especially those who would call themselves Christian socialists.
Carlyle would suggest that people would find more fulfillment if it was possible to have a more serious contract than that of wage labor, one that can’t be unilaterally broken, one where people can be seriously considered and rewarded according to what they do; a kind of slavery.  Of course, Marx would put all the slaves in thrall to the State.  Carlyle would allow people to have temporary bondage agreements with each other.
The biggest tech companies are, of course, allowed to break a lot of rules.  They can quietly refuse to hire their quota of diversity, and they’re not allowed to make their highest-level employees sign non-compete agreements, but they have anti-poaching agreements anyway.  Of course, this is to the disadvantage of the employees.  But Japan seems to be doing okay with their tacit model of permanent employment.
But the biggest answer to alienation is democracy.  If the nobles aren’t going to look out for the people – the House of Lords is of course much more in favor of the ethnic replacement of the English than the House of Commons – then the people aren’t going to care what the nobles think either.  The nomos is broken.  Anarchy reigns: power is the only thing that matters, and Alinsky has a book about how to get some while conservatives like me bicker with other conservatives about what is the nature of the good.
Carlyle wrote of democracy that “a meaning it must have, or it would not be here” and of Chartism that, if defeated but left unaddressed, it would just spawn more Chartisms.  So what’s it going to be, guys?  Can we form new lungs?  Can England breathe again?
No market for genius
These, then, are our two careers for genius: mute Industrialism, which can seldom become very human, but remains beaverish mainly: and the three Professions named learned,—that is to say, able to talk. For the heroic or higher kinds of human intellect, in the silent state, there is not the smallest inquiry anywhere; apparently a thing not wanted in this country at present. What the supply may be, I cannot inform M’Croudy; but the market-demand, he may himself see, is nil. These are our three professions that require human intellect in part or whole, not able to do with mere beaverish; and such a part does the gift of talk play in one and all of them. Whatsoever is not beaverish seems to go forth in the shape of talk. To such length is human intellect wasted or suppressed in this world!
–Thomas Carlyle, The Latter-Day Pamphlets
It’s worth noting, at every opportunity, that the art, architecture, and music of our present culture is absolute irredemable garbage.
There are numerous possible contributing reasons why English society and its institutions may have very rapidly become incapable of recognizing genius; all or several may be true, and I don’t know which would be the most important.

These include the rapid expansion of higher education (universities and colleges), the collapse of ‘meritocracy’ (i.e. a system which allocated roles primarily on the basis of functional ability) the transition to a sexually-mixed co-educational workforce, the rise of ‘affirmative action’ in terms of a system of group preferences favouring those groups with the lowest frequency of occurrence of the attributes of genius, and of genius-recognizing capacities; a massive shift of national focus away from social functions and towards sex (i.e. the sexual revolution); the rise of the Mass Media and bureaucracy; and of course the collapse of Christianity as the dominant national religion – accompanied by the collapse of honesty, ethics and devotion to beauty.

Well, I guess I’m not being too charitable anymore, but I really like sticking progressives in the eye over this issue – they don’t need those eyes, considering their preferences in art.  Churches from thousands of years ago are more beautiful than the European Parliament or any modern governmental or non-governmental (lol) building.  There was a time when public statues had angels and animals; now there are twisted heaps of scrap metal and the giant black fist that mugged Detroit.  We all know how it happened that a bearded transwoman wins the Eurovision awards: politics drives art out.  The videogame market can have good stuff because it is not dominated by political zealots.  And there’s Enya, who isn’t as popular as Miley Cyrus, because she’s not photographed half-naked.  Miley’s breakout hit, of course, was actually really good.  Women are still allowed to sing genuinely feminine songs that reflect the beauty of human nature – sometimes.
Progressivism is over
Deus vult.  We should remember the essential meaning of progressivism – the inherent dignity of the human person.  Progressives are full of lies, and the sanctity of life is not one of them.  The next age will, of course, by marked by pride, envy wrath, sloth, avarice, lust, and gluttony; we are no longer progressives, proud believers in atomic individualism, but we are still men.  Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us+

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