The Left is the Institutions

Socialism is pretty much dead, not due to having been disproven in practice over and over, but because Christianity is dead. SJ will continue to exist as long as people believe in souls and the primacy of the individual, which is also going away.

However, since SJ lost the election, many including myself have been advising leftists to calm down with the PC and push socialism instead. This is both good advice for them individually, positioning them out of harm’s way as SJ fights its last battles, and will destroy the left quicker, since SJ is the only left with any viability right now.

The neoconservatism that was the assertion that since our culture is the best it should be shared with everyone else by force is pretty much being folded back into the left now, but it is the future of the left.

Individuals are ephemeral. Only nations matter on an evolutionary timescale, and families are important as the biological structure of the nations. The culture, and its institutions, are important because they determine who reproduces with whom, and thus the evolutionary future of the nation, which, in turn, shapes the controllers of the institutions and thus the culture.

Young men, eager to gain access to the rich rewards of controlling the institutions, will apply all manner of flowery language to increasing the power of the institutions, forcing others out, and getting themselves some of that power. The ideas they come up with are leftism, and the leftism of the future won’t be social justice or socialism, and might not even be neoconservatism, but there will surely be some set of ideas that the future institution controllers share that the general populace doesn’t.

And when the leftism drifts far enough from the good of the nation, the general populace will stop listening to the institution controllers, who should ordinarily be listened to because they are usually in a position to know more, drive them out and reform the institutions to the benefit of the nation, and the cycle will begin again.

This is why the left has never had to win an honest debate, but merely appeal to platitudes, taboos, and signal. If they lose their SJ taboos, the truth will burst forth and turn them into lampshades.

Soviet communism didn’t destroy Russia, nor did the Khmer Rouge even destroy Cambodia, but liberalism is close to destroying America. Gas the professors, the journalists, the clergy, and the politicians. These individuals are acting against the interests of the nation and must be purged. A nation that will not defend itself is a self-correcting problem from the evolutionary standpoint.

But our institutions didn’t just drift, did they?  When you look at the history of how America was corrupted since the beginning of the 20th century, you can’t avoid the Jew.  Get ’em out of here.  Out!  Out!  Out!

Gas the Christcucks, Weltanschauung War Now

First Pence said the Trump administration is going to bad abortion, which is a valid tool of the patriarchy to control women’s reproduction. Now Trump is saying he wants the Internet censored to stop porn.

The only thing that needs to be done about porn is to enforce the existing law that obscenity is ineligible for copyright protection. Paysites would disappear in a heartbeat as everything goes to torrents. But ending the exploitation of Aryan women by Jew pornographers doesn’t go far enough for Christcucks.

Censoring the Internet has been a central goal of the ((Left)) since the Internet first became famous. The biggest pushes towards censorship have been in the name of stopping porn, of course, but the censorship infrastructure is the same whether porn or politically incorrect memes are banned.

Christcucks want to return to a fundamentally cucked view of the human family in which ((Joseph))’s genealogy going back to ((David)) means anything to ((Jesus)).

Christcucks want to return to a fundamentally cucked view of human sexuality in which expressions of sexual desire are regulated away, especially for more powerful White men, leaving women not knowing who they should be attracted to, and wishing for a violent savage to act sexy.

Bondage is not degenerate, affirmative consent and femdom are. Guess what christcucks like, and what christcucks are shocked by?

The Crusades were not an accomplishment. By failing to bring women with them and not colonizing the ((Holy Land)), the Crusaders ensured that their blood was flushed down the toilet of history. Christcucks fail to recognize this for the same reason that they import mud people to their countries – they are cuckolds.

Christcucks are trying to sabotage us because they hate Whites for being superior when the meek shall inherit the Earth and worship Jews for being the protagonists of that horrid collection of evil-minded myths, the ((Bible)).

Christcucks can not be trusted because, as seen is the treason of the St. Patrick Brigade, they put their stupid Jew hoax religion above their people.

Christcucks already gave away the culture of the Western world in the ’50s because they were stupid and evil-minded, because they believed in souls and the equality of souls and therefore believed in socialism and did not believe in evolution, game theory, ecology, and the comparisons between animal behavior and human behavior.

Christcucks need to shut up and get out of the way.

Current Trends

The enemy has made three recent mistakes, three out of control holiness spirals that have led to our inevitable victory.

The first is the suppression of cuckstainty, which meant the rise of biological nationalism amongst the youth, by default even though unacknowledged.

The second was the holiness spiral in the universities that pushed White privilege and suppressed colorblindness far too soon.

The third was marginalizing cuckservatives and getting Obama elected, because people who don’t have any actual control over what’s going on are hard to blame for it.

England has clearly not been ruled by the English for some time, as evidenced by the fact that the English need to give their pubescent daughters to pakis. But they could blame ((Eurocrats)) – up until the Brexit vote, at which point the ((British government)) has to take full responsibility for unpopular policies, including staying with the EU.

They enemy thinks they can use a cuckservative SJW PM to pass further hatespeech laws and delay and maybe reverse Brexit. The hope is that hatespeech laws can stop the English, who in all likelihood all know someone who was passed around by pakis; maybe hatespeech laws and an economic miracle for Whites could, but it’s unclear whether they’re willing to give Whites that economic miracle.

In the US, Trump is a civic nationalist and he just chose a christcuck civic nationalist who wants to ban abortion of niglets as his VP. The Trump phenomenon isn’t about Trump, which is why it’s scary to the Left. Regardless of whether he wins or loses or what he does in office, either he can give Whites an economic miracle to shackle us to our office chairs and muzzle us the way our fathers and grandfathers were, or he can just watch as his civic nationalism fails to avert the pending breakup of the USA into localism, a.k.a. the return of the KKK. It doesn’t matter that Trump isn’t a White Nationalist, the fact that he’s a White nationalist is enough to give oxygen to White Nationalism. If he loses the election it will be a vindication of White Nationalism, every failure of his administration will be vindication of White Nationalism, and every success of his administration will be vindication of White Nationalism.

Trump says he will renegotiate the ((trade deals)). The reason those jobs left wasn’t the trade deals but affirmative action, and if Trump ends affirmative action in other fields the way Silicon Valley has avoided affirmative action, that’s a White Nationalist move, and without ending affirmative action, there will be no economic miracle for the USA.

Contrast the American and British situation with that of the French, who are regularly being attacked by mudslimes and then apologizing to them each time. Maybe they can stop apologizing at some point, but everything that’s happening there seems like a net loss. But compare the situations too: last election was totally polarized between explicit anti-Whites and nationalists. As soon as total polarization occurs, the government is then sitting on a ticking time bomb of Whites trickling over to the nationalist side.


Commies want to cuck the taxpayers with transfer payments.

Lolbergtarian induhvidualists want to cuck Whites by prohibiting Whites from organizing collectively while letting Japan, which does act as a nation, dump radios and cars on us.

Our economic philosophy is non-cuck-ism, because nature abhors a cuck.

This is the same as our general philosophy. Our core demand is that we not be cucked by being second class citizens our own country.

We can now dispense with the glib nonsense about elites and sheeple and social classes. Intellectuals, defined as people capable of overcoming their ingrained worldview, used to see themselves as superior, but the instincts and emotions that are our inheritance must have been adaptive. The average White man probably couldn’t deal with the PDEs of modern physics, but they can instinctually and intuitively deal with biology, the history of the White race, and make the demand not to be cucked.

— The Harvard Conspiracy —

Who do the ruling bureaucrats and journalists look up to? College professors. Who do college professors look ur to? Harvard professors. Some call it the Cathedral, I call it the Harvard Conspiracy. And what has the Harvard Conspiracy been up to?

— Sexual Mores of the White Race —

Freudianism was always a distraction from the only psychology which is evolutionary psychology and ethology, and always a battering ram against the biologically ingrained sexual mores of the White race. The fact that this obvious bullshit took so long for college professors to dispense with is proof that colleges are worthless.

(1) White women are extraordinarily beautiful, from the ages of 16 to 26 in particular, and that this must have come from extreme selective pressure to be beautiful, which implies that women who can’t get a good husband – this happens between 16 and 26 if it happens – don’t reproduce at all, which implies monogamy; while rice nigger females stay beautiful for longer – until their children are supposed to be grown up – because they need to keep their man’s attention in order to direct his resources towards their children.

(2) Post-christ christcucks, understanding that monogamy implies strict gender roles, tried to subvert gender roles by subverting monogamy, and tried both polygamy and nigger style sexuality with strong independent wywyn who don’t need no man, neither of which Whites were demonstrated to be suited for behaviorally, as demonstrated by the fact that “open relationships”, and single motherhood, left men and women and children miserable – but hey, they don’t have an intellectual perspective, right?

(3) White men, when they meet a strange young man, think the stranger could marry his daughter and pay his pension, while literally no one else would ever think this, because they don’t have the evolutionary history of, not only not being able to get more women themselves but needing to build up their community if they want their grandchildren to prosper. but also of the daughter having a nontrivial chance of missing out in the dating market entirely, not being able to reproduce at all, if there aren’t enough good men in the area.

Intellectuals should warn the other Whites that migrants will never pay pensions nor pay net taxes nor even work and marrying tbèm would be a genetic disaster, but intellectuals are gathered up and gaslighted and terrorized and bribed into treason or silence, which is why universities must be abolished.

— Timeline of Induhvidualism —

Induhvidualistic lolbergtarianism was always an anti-White hoax intended to play to Whites’ biologically ingrained individual industriousness and sense of fair play. Here’s its timeline.

In the ’30s, motivated in no way by scientific observation but by their religious shift from theistic christcuckery to some syncretic blend of that with Marxist “historical inevitability” socialism, which is popularly called liberalism, accepting and promoting the bizarre theory that race doesn’t exist.

In the ’40s, fighting WWII to save the USSR and destroy the alternative to Christo-Marxist liberalism.

In the ’50s, purging the labor movement of “White chauvinism”, as evidenced by giving a Black comrade a chipped coffee cup, and promoting the myth of the dindu Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who plagiarized his PhD and beat White prostitutes.

In the ’60s, the Civil Rights Act making it illegal to have a “hostile workplace” or a “hostile environment” for customers, with treble damages if the employer should have known the employee had a bad attitude. Of course, police and educators had already been covered by similar rules requiring them to be fired for expressing a bad attitude.

The Immigration Act of 1965, and Section 8.

The beginnings of the ethnic cleansing of Whites from the cities is probably in the ’50s as evidenced by Eldred Cleaver’s “brilliant and revealing” (NYT Review of Books) 1969 book bragging about raping White women as “a revolutionary act”.

In the ’70s, the Griggs decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled that people are required to hire Blacks, even if they don’t pass the test, if the test isn’t substantially related to the work. By 2009, that substantially related fig leaf was dropped entirely in the FDNY decision.

Special treatment for minority owned businesses leads to every gas station in the entire country being owned by a sand African-American or a curry African-American.

In 1980s, police begin to be required to promote Blacks on a quota basis.

In the 1990s, massive outsourcing of industry begins. The economic impact is masked by the continuing productivity gains.

Illegal immigration accelerates following the Reagan amnesty.

In the 2000s, with the end of the dot com boom, it becomes clear that the economy is faltering with all the manufacturing done overseas.

It is decided that, since minorities do not have higher foreclosure rates than Whites, the additional scrutiny they receive from bankers trying to make profitable loans is discriminatory.

Banks are required to make loans that they know will fail. These loans are sold to some sap holding a pension, because fuck you for voting for liberals old guy.

At some point in the 2000s the famous video of a nigger pissing on the corn flakes conveyor belt, thus demonstrating why the jobs went overseas, was made by two niggers that Kelloggs was required by law to hire and possibly promote as well.

And today, as illegal immigration accelerates, new jobs created matches newly employed immigrants.

race and religion


White women are particularly beautiful.  Everyone knows this; since some people pretend not to, let’s look at what nips draw when they want to draw the most beautiful woman possible:


  • Blue, green, purple eyes
  • Bigger eyes than sand niggers
  • Blond, brown, or red hair
  • Straight or wavy hair
  • Smaller noses than rice niggers
  • Pale or pink skin
  • Bigger boobs than Whites, but not big butts

They’re not drawing themselves, and they’re not drawing us.  They’re drawing what male humans believe is the most beautiful – that’s male humans, not dirt niggers, because as porn searches reveal, dirt niggers are interested in big butts, a preference that the jewsmedia has been trying to foist on Whites.

Monogamy puts women under extreme evolutionary pressure to be beautiful, since women who can’t get a good man can’t reproduce.  Under the various polygamous plans practised by every variety of shitskin, women who aren’t beautiful enough to be someone’s first wife or a great man’s second wife can still be someone’s maidservant and still have their baby looked after.

But the important part is what monogamy does to the men.

A monogamous married man is not in competition with other men for access to women, but in fact has an incentive to help other men be the best that they can, so they can pay his social security and marry his daughters.

A nonmonogamous man encountering that situation responds ‘ficki ficki allahu ackbar, gringo’.  In a nonmonogamous society, caring about anything other than yourself and your immediate family means being a cuck.

There’s a reason larger armies of nonmonogamous people are routinely defeated by Whites, and that reason is biological.


the White middle class

The White middle class is those White men who have enough on the ball to be able to reproduce.  These are the backbone of White civilization.  White middle class values include self-reliance, thrift, chastity, and signaling reliability and comfort by loudly proclaiming support for policies that undermine these values.

Reliability is signaled by proudly reciting the most absurd official belief of the day, e.g.  “Caitlyn Jenner is a brave woman”.  Comfort is signaled by calling for the genocide of the White race.

Signaling is cancer.  We need a culture that ignores priests, graduate students, professors, community organizers, and the “good intentions” of people who volunteer for various communist schemes.


The instinctive need to feel like you’re part of something greater is also found in e.g. gazelles, who stick with their herd so that only maybe one of them gets eaten when the cheetahs attack.  It’s also, of course, found in humans.

What we need to understand is that we are part of a family, a nation a.k.a. gene pool, and a race.

Whites are particularly drawn to the image of self-sacrifice for the good of the nation.  That’s because a strong nation means more and better kids for the individual, even if the individual is made weaker for it.


debates with my father


Moral behavior is behavior and behavioral traits evolve. Children are created by their parents to spread their genetic material and thus physical and behavioral traits. Perverted sexual behavior is sexual behavior and is chosen by people who don’t think that the alpha strategy, marriage, would work for them. Civilization exists because it is built and maintained by people using the alpha strategy with the intention of creating the conditions for their children to grow up and have children of their own.  These are basic biological facts that no one would disagree with if not for the social construct of humanity.  Liberals used to call fascism unfree and uncivilized, and now they have no free speech and mass rapes.  Tell the truth.


I recently got in a heated debate with my father. He asked me if me and my girlfriend had been to the newly reopened bushmeat supermarket in dindustan.

I replied that I wouldn’t take my girlfriend into dindustan.

He said that that was too bad because I had walked across dindustan many times a decade ago.

I replied that that was before the media decided to whip the dindus into a frenzy of anti-White hatred, and also before the minority mortgage meltdown and immivasion displaced all the dindus from the regular economy except if they had jobs in the anti-White apparatus as e.g. informers in companies.

He said that he had head about race relations being just fine before the outside agitators showed up before, and in fact Jimmy Carter had broken Nixon’s Southern Strategy by running a populist campaign that resonated with Blacks and Whites in the South; that Reagan had run a campaign of racial grievances talking about welfare queens driving welfare cadillacs and how he was going to end affirmative action; that Carter was the first Southerner since the War between the States and the first evangelical president ever but that somehow Reagan had managed to turn Southerners and evangelicals; that Reagan had turned evangelicals against abortion even though anti-abortion was a Catholic issue at the time and even though the Old Testament kike “laws” say that causing a miscarriage doesn’t carry the same penalty as murder; that even with all that Reagan only managed to win due to his secret arms-for-hostages deal with the Ayatollah that you’re still not supposed to talk about in polite company; that even though Reagan had made a deal with the Ayatollah and had taken a stance against West Bank settlements, after Reagan all Republicans have to support Israel.

I replied that he just wants to sit in his middle class neighborhood, commute for hours every day while listening to NPR, and act like we can all just get along; that it was funny when the Bomb Brothers carjacked that faggot with a coexist bumper sticker but I wish they had succeeded at hitting MIT; that the Paris attacks are great because they allow us to scapegoat the rapugees as terrorists even though the actual problem with them is that they are in our countries taking our women; and asked him about, while it would obviously have been good for the US if the urban areas had been cleansed with nuclear fire in the late ’80s, whether it was necessary for the USSR to collapse on its own terms rather than through a nuclear exchange with the US to demonstrate to people that communism is a bad idea.

That was the end of the debate.


One important turning point was when Haidt naturalized ethics.

Prior to Haidt, there was the constant debate over whether God’s law / traditional normativity, virtue, or consequence was the correct foundation for ethics. Cuckstainty had given a theoretical basis for Plato’s divine rational soul, ending for over a milennium that debate with Aristotle, who was much less willing to claim divinity. Plato’s divine rational soul / base animal insticts was passed down though St. Thomas Aquinas’ reason / passions / appetites, which we now know as ((Froy Vey))’s id / ego / superego model. This theorizing is just water under the bridge now.

Prior to Haidt, we had the Laws of God, the sayings of Christ, and the de-Godified cuckstainty that is utilitarianism, in which the Will of God is mechanized into the maximization of utility, and the sayings of Christ are reinterpreted as allegories about maximizing utility prior to the advent of the calculus needed to express the principle of stationary happiness, ∫ᵧδΣhappiness dr = 0 along a correct moral path γ; this whether Jesus was in fact the literal son of the principle of existence by the wife of Joseph or just a great philosopher.

To further beat the dead horse, which is, of course, obligatory, since the horse is dead but I derive pleasure from it, my utility is maximized by seeing utilitarians not getting laid.

Today, we can all understand that moral behavior is just behavior, in particular that moral behavior has nothing to do with humanity, which is shown up to be just a social construct, but is just evolved behavior, behavioral traits evolving just like physical traits. We understand that, in particular, normal nigger sexual behavior, as seen in most niggers of note, including Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, America’s Dad Bill Cosby, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is interpreted by humans as abusive sexual behavior simply because niggers evolved differently from humans.

The understanding that perverted sexual behavior is sexual behavior and sexual behavior among Whites is either the alpha strategy, marriage and civilization building, or pervert faggotry, has yet to catch on. For some reason, people believe in the mythical homosexual who isn’t interested in women, which, according to the Kinsey study, and every other survey of sexual behavior, does not exist. But it’s quickly becoming clear that polyamory is either men trying to get more or women with several cucks, and this is from one of my liberal friends’ facebooks:


It’s not enough to tell people over 40 that their politics have created conditions in which all their children, not just me the 8chan incel, have difficulty reproducing. It’s not enough to tell them that their family and friends are being replaced by pocs. It’s not enough to quote Lenin at the state of the White middle class, “We will grind the middle class between the millstones of progressive taxation and inflation”.

Like Bane, perhaps we couldn’t expect the corrupt city simply to be destroyed with nuclear fire, but we had to see its citizens broken by communism first.

In the middle of the last century, fascism was criticized as lacking in freedom, with the Führenprinzip in particular criticized as arrogant, exploitative, goose-steppingly ridiculous, and ultimately responsible for the loss of the war through Hitler’s failure to approve the assault rifle and demand that all the troops besiege Stalingrad; and was also called uncivilized, with the murder of the faggot Rohm when it was time to disband the SA and replace it with the SS, and the organized spontaneous protests of Kristallnacht.

Today, my dad is frustrated that while it was okay to say that gay sex should be illegal prior to 2003, now it is unacceptable to say that faggots shouldn’t be given the tax benefits intended for families, or that Caitlyn Jenner isn’t a brave woman. If freedom doesn’t mean freedom of speech, what does it mean? My father recognizes that he doesn’t have freedom anymore, and my commie brother cheers for harsher hate speech legislation (if you watch old tv shows and movies, the Civil Rights Act merely codified the existing cuckstain speech code, and, in particular, the belief that only an uneducated simpleton would say the word ‘nigger’ was just as popular with mid-20th century cuckstains as it is with today’s progressives).

As to civilization, the organized mass rapes of Rotherham, the unorganized raping throughout the rest of Europe, the rapes that Eldridge Cleaver bragged about in a book favorably reviewed by the NYT and that’s occasionally required reading in college courses to this day, the hush crime where that girl was raped and thrown out of the seventh story window after being grabbed off the street in Chicongo in broad daylight in front of an old nigger sow who didn’t see anything where her parents sued the city for millions of dollars not because the police had released he into an unsafe area, since knowing that dindustan is unsafe is a thought crime, but rather some technical issue or whatever, than tike one nigger raped three generations of the same family, the pigfucking nigger that raped a farmer’s pig sows and gave them STDs, etc, etc, etc.

Liberal democracy’s criticisms of fascism no longer have the appearance of merit.


David Duke recently made two mistakes in an interview with Gemar Rudolf.

Duke said something nice about fascism as a joke. What he said would have been spot on in the US, for the reasons detailed above. In Germany, however, nationalists need to say that fascism is complicated and bound up in the 20th century (true in terms of ideology), and simplistic analogies to fascism are only made by opportunists swinging the Nazi club around (haha yeah).

Duke also said that the Jews have evolved in the ghetto for 2000 years to be racist. Does Duke therefore believe that the Jews who did not live in Europe did not so evolve? But he has to say since Christ, because he has to say that Christ wasn’t just a community organizer faith healer whose universalist communist preaching was a betrayal of the Jews’ constant strategy throughout recorded history of formenting multiculturalism and communism amongst the goyim and maintaining their own ethnic identity.

Duke said that because it sounds plausible and acceptable to Americans, who like ((Jesus)). To the Germans, it sounds like insane Nazi ranting. The only way Germans will be able to consider claims about Jews would be to make those claims either purely biological, since Germans respect facts and logic, or to make it purely psychological, since that is in line with the whole ‘blank slate’ political correctness. Thus Rudolf’s assertion that being a Jew or a Muslim is a state of conditioning and mental illness.

We’re on a global Internet here, goys.  The lies you tell in your country to extend the reach of your ideas will hurt your Aryan brethren in other countries.  Just tell the truth.


I’d say gas the kikes race war now, but the race war has already started; there have been organized mass rapes of White girls by pocs going on for decades, and Whites are starting to fight back with arson attacks against rapugee centers, most recently and spectacularly, against the Calais rapugee camp in retaliation for the Paris attack. So, I’ll just end this article with some of my favorite quotes from Ben Garrison, which have unfortunately been misappropriated by others; I’ve marked the words the plagiarists changed with brackets:

Garrison: The idea is that it is possible to separate [Jewishness] from [parisitism], and it is not. There can be not [Jew] race without [parasitism]. Treason to [Jewishness] is loyalty to [??? humanity is a social construct, Ben]… We need to make it impossible for the legacy of [Jews] to reproduce itself.

Interviewer: And your views are popular in academia?

Garrison: Yes, I’d say my views are well recieved, not everybody agrees, but they’re well recieved.

“Is it the duty of every good [reactionary] to kill every newborn [Jew] baby?”

“You’re on the endangered list. And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more [kikes] around.”

“[Freud], [Marx], [Boasian anthropology], [Spielberg], [mass media democracy], [brutalist housing projects], [Saul Alinsky], the emancipation of women, [Susan Sontag], [interracial porn], et al. can’t redeem what this particular [race] has wrought upon the world. The [Jew] race is the cancer of human history.”

And a quote from Adolf Hitler, quoted by Ben Garrison in an interview:

“I’m going to kill all the Blacks, I’m going to kill Jewish children, and I’m just going to mass murder people based on their race or religion”



By the way, biotech startup idea. Chromosomes get scrambled as part of creating gametes. It should be possible to take any non-gamete cell and identify which parent each chromosome came from. There are a lot of half-human abominations in the world who would pay a lot of money to have children with only their human parent’s DNA.


The Widow’s Mite Is Worth a Mite

Bears live alone and have the right to fuck any woman who wanders into their territory, maybe try to murder her children to get her to enter estrus and then fuck her.

They then get systematically killed by these monkeys using totally unfair tools and tactics, that then wear their skins as hats.

How do the monkeys do it?

By giving social status in the monkey tribe to monkeys that do something positive for the community.

But then some ape decided that it would be more efficient to gain status by signaling instead. That was the first priest.

Whites have a need to be a part of something greater than themselves. That thing is the White race and Western civilization. It’s simple, uphold our social and genetic capital, gain social status. Signal and fail to create anything of value, do not gain social status.

The Widow’s Mite is worth exactly one mite.

The Cuckstain Religion


Jesus gave up his adoptive father’s career as a carpenter to become an itinerant Nazirite rabbi faith healer.  He preached about how doing stuff for your community is overrated and all you need is signaling to an adoring crowd of people with nothing better to do than listen to a faith healer, a message that was of course very popular with them.

In one story, Lazarus is allowed to sit outside a rich man’s gate.  The rich man goes to hell for not having fed Lazarus more frequently, while Lazarus goes to heaven despite the fact that he dindu nuffins.  Living a meaningless existence on handouts and dying is enough to go to heaven.  Perhaps Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin arguably died in a state of sin, but not Freddie Gray.

Jesus was a feminist.  He rescued a woman from punishment for adultery, commuting her sentence to ‘go and sin no more’, apparently because women can be trusted to do the right thing without threat of punishment.  Meanwhile, he says to men that merely looking at a woman who isn’t your wife is already a thought crime, naturally, for which you’ll have hell to pay.

Jesus told an anti-racist #truestory about The Good Samaritan.  He said that “the meek shall inherit the Earth”, which is utterly nonsensical.  But his worst parable is this, from Matthew 25:

31 When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: 32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: 33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. 34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: 36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? 38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? 39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: 42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: 43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. 46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

How does this not imply that Germans must feed, house, and clothe Syrian strangers in their midst?

The Institutions Are Dildos

Pope Francis meets a group of immigrants at the pier in Lampedusa, Italy

One way it could not imply that is if it meant an obligation only to strangers of one’s own nation.  That’s not what it says, but, humans live and die by these Schelling points, and the consensus of the institution is more important than personal safety, the family’s safety, the nation, the race, and far more important than the truth.  As socialist Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it”.

Doing your duty to the institution is the difference between your group eating the lions and the lions eating your group.

The Apostolic churches, the churches that claim the authority of the Apostles, have a neat story about why you shouldn’t trust the plain meaning of Jesus’ words.  The only thing he left behind when he was assumed into heaven was the institutional Church; the Bible is merely there to help priests, and requires extensive training to understand.  Any idiot with a copy is bound to end up in heresy.

It may be difficult to maintain that the contents of the Bible should be widely disseminated and keep people from trying to interpret it on their own.

But pretty much every organized church in the West is more or less dildos, not the least because they are required by law to be dildos.

Cuckstain Philosophy and Morality


Do niggers have souls?  Are faggotry / transfaggotry / pedophilia “crosses to bear”, the bearing of which should win accolades for the pervert?  Are interracial marriages sacred in the eyes of the Lᴏʀᴅ?

Romans 1 should forbid cuckstains from accepting the biologically implausible sexual orientation theory of faggotry.  Instead, they are required to believe that faggots are given over by God to faggotry because they ignore the law that is written on their souls.  But they accept the sexual orientation theory anyway.

The correct theory of faggotry is perverts jockeying for social status against each other, attempting sneak into female safe spaces, and other desperate measures.  Faggotry is a sexual strategy, which, judging by the Kinsey report, is more successful than being a cuckstain beta.

It should be obvious that faggotry is a sexual strategy, considering that it is a behavioral strategy regarding sexuality.  But there are a lot of cuckstains who think that not believing in explicit souls makes them smart but are too retarded or cowardly to take the next step and believe in things that exist, specifically, biology.

To the cuckstain, souls are created by Yahweh and inserted in bodies prepared by the parents.  Any soul could be inserted into any body, thus it is absurd to treat individuals of other races as anything but individuals.

Some have moved beyond explicit souls, but continue to believe in the lottery of birth.

To the cuckstain, there is a duty to feed, house, and clothe all souls, beyond the duty to save souls by teaching them to be cuckstains.

Some have moved beyond explicit souls, but continue to believe in the duty to feed, house, clothe, and teach all humanoids.

To the cuckstain, all souls matter to Yahweh.

To the atheist cuckstain, all lives matter.

All lives do not matter.

I want to see the Trump vs. Sanders debate ended by Trump asking Sanders how many towers he has built.

I want to see community organizers mocked and layabout activists ignored out of hand.

I want a culture of building stuff, not signaling.  To that end, I’m stuck signaling on the Internet, but, at least I’m an anonymous coward and even if the alt right wins I won’t be able to take credit for this without getting bogged for faggotry, right?



It may be true that we should reject people violating taboos in meatspace while telling the truth, since it is probably more disruptive to cede to them the fact, thus granting them social status.  Fortunately, now there’s a way for people to tell the truth anonymously.

52 More Words to get 1488

Difference between pizza and nigger?  Pizza can feed family of four.

Difference between pizza and kike?  Pizza doesn’t scream in oven.

Difference between pizza and sandnigger?  No one has built device to fly pizza into office building.

Same about pizza and spic? Undocumented pizzas don’t get deported either.

Regret Rape

Historically, sex outside of marriage was illegal, sex other than no-condom-penis-in-vagina was illegal, and a woman could charge rape if her husband broke in to place when she wasn’t living with him.

Today, sex outside of marriage is legal, any kind of bizarre sodomy fetish is legal, and a woman has to prove she didn’t consent if she wants to accuse a man of rape.

This is empowering towards women?

No, requiring proof of consent is not empowering.  Regret rape, accusing a man of rape after consenting to sex outside of marriage, has always been possible.  But women have lost the power to accuse men who did sex acts that used to be illegal of rape without additionally proving consent, and have gained absolutely nothing for it.

So why do feminists like this idea of consent?

Is it because they hate marriage and the family?  Or is it so they can let niggers rape White women and then accuse those White women of doing the regret rape thing?

In fact, Hillary Clinton did precisely that.  She dragged a raped little girl’s name through the mud in court on behalf of a middle-aged nigger to prove her progressive bona fides as an up and coming young lawyer cunt, and laughed about it on a talk show in the ’90s.

The reason I’m bringing up consent is that if progressives are serious about pedosexuality, they’re going to have to do something about consent, since when pedosexual Todd Nickerson talks about the time he let a child lead him through a sex act, the obvious response is that that child could not have consented.  So they’ll make children able to consent, of course, they will only consent to virtuous pedophiles like Todd Nickerson and gay scout leaders.

Don’t forget, lauding perverts for bearing the cross of a disgusting fetish is cuckstain moral philosophy at its finest.  That, and legalizing miscegenation because a soul is a soul and all souls come from Yahweh, instead of children being created by their parents, and it not being decent to say the word nigger about a nigger who rapes a family friend, and all the rest of the ’50s moral preening the preceded the ’60s.

Yeshua gave up an honorable career as a carpenter to become a nazirite and preach about how you don’t need to do stuff for your community, in fact, being rich is harmful, all you need to do is prove how faithful you are by bragging about carrying a cross or whatever.  That drew quite a crowd – of people who weren’t too busy doing stuff for their community.

The atheist at NRO is absolutely right when he says that cuckstain morality isn’t anti-pedosexuality.  Cuckstains, you let this happen.

All the Pieces on the Board

Humans are governed by a collection of social expectations, a.k.a. nomos.

It is sort of true that control of weapons, a.k.a. hard power, is the way humans are governed.  However, the soldiers who wield those weapons are govered by the nomos.

It is sort of true that control of non-weapon resources, a.k.a. soft power, is also the way humans are governed.  But this is also subject to the social expectations.

One of the most important parts of the nomos is the Overton window, what a person can expect to be able to say.  Orwell wanted to talk about the Overton window, but couldn’t quite say it, so he talked about Newspeak as a restrictive language.

Another important part of the nomos is Schelling points, what people can expect each other to implicitly agree with.

When an idea is inside the Overton window, people can organize Schelling points around it.

Once the idea of resisting White genocide enters the Overton window, Whites can organize Schelling points around it, thereafter, we can secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.  Our racial enemies do not actually have hard power over us.

Now that Cucktianity has been largely brushed aside, the only real reason Whites are reluctant to acknowledge White genocide is the Civil Rights, which largely just formalized what the Cucktians were already doing when they passed it.

As we know, the Civil Rights makes it illegal to knowingly employ people with opinions outside of the Overton window in any position of moderate social status.

Thus, it was not strictly necessary to repeal the Civil Rights in order to begin mass redpilling, which is why so many people are secretly in the Alt Right and quietly trying to push the Overton window.

When the Civil Rights gets repealed, or even largely suppressed due to a presidential administration (perhaps of the guy who told Mygyn Kylly that “America doesn’t have time for political correctness”) refusing to enforce it (there’s precedent in the Obama administration for refusing to enforce laws the administration doesn’t like, see DOMA or immigration law), it will embolden people to openly discuss things (such as White genocide), and openly make fun of White anti-Whites instead of pretending to support them in any way, thereby largely eliminating the category of preening, sanctimonious White anti-Whites.  That is the way Whites win.




The way the Jews win is to get rid of the alt right on the Internet.  The alt right on the Internet is protected by a Schelling point in US law, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech”.  They need to figure out how to do an end run around that.

The way they do that is by comparing hatespeech to yelling fire in a movie theater or inciting a riot.

The way they build that comparison is by getting a few examples of a terrorism following a racism.

The way they do that is by requiring anyone who hears a racism to report it to local law enforcement.

The way they do that is by jailing Dylan Roof’s friend Joey Meek.  Joey Meek admitted to the FBI that he heard Dylan Roof say some hatespeech but didn’t take him seriously.

When people are legally required to inform the ADL on each other whenever they hear racism, not only does it make organizing Schelling points more difficult, but it also brings us one step closer to the suppression of the Internet alt right, thereby ending all organized dissent of the Jewish program of White genocide.


All the pieces are on the board now, the final fight will be over freedom of speech.  Any White who opposes freedom of speech now is pretty obviously a cuck.  They may say they’re a reactionary, but they’re really just a cuckactionary working to finalize the destruction of the White race and thus Western civilization.

From the Cucktians who supported the snivel rights to begin with for decency or whatever so their daughters could then be raped in hush crimes, to the libertarians who supported immigrant rights for freedom the immigrants would vote against, to the Cucktians who supported miscegenation because marriage only for the first abomination president to finish the job of forcing gay marriage, cucks receive nothing.


Nation and Nationalism


Life is a war of all against all.  And as anyone who has brushed their teeth knows, in a war of all against all, collaboration is a big win.

Kelp are formally independent.  They form sheets and face predation by sea urchins in order to access sunbeams.

In order to be sea urchins and sea otters, cells needed to lose their formal independence, becoming the mere ephemeral fingers of something larger than themselves.

Humans (not niggers) need to form cities to access jet fighters and nuclear missiles, to defend themselves against other humans (not niggers).  If humans fail to defend themselves, they get their Dresden firebombed, followed by ethnic cleansing from Kaliningrad in which the women aren’t even kept as sex slaves to reproduce halfling children but merely raped to death.  Well, that may be only what Jew-led relijews heebaric armies do, but the ethnic takeover is real.




There isn’t just one purpose for sex.  The first thing to notice is that it doesn’t really seem to make sense for the individual: why would the individual with enough resources to reproduced want to share those resources with another individual?

Every time DNA is copied, there is a chance for an error.  With a human sized genome, there are a handful of mutations in each new human.  There are two ways to deal with errors, ploidy and sex.  If you have two copies of each gene, having one copy damaged might not be fatal.  Of course, there’s no way of getting rid of the bad copy without sex, which gives you the opportunity to mate with someone with a clean copy and have a clean child.

Organisms that don’t reproduce sexually have small genomes, up to tens of megabytes.  Diploid sexually reproducing organisms have gigabytes of genome.  Tetraploid sexually reproducing organisms, like wheat, can have tens of gigabytes.

If these are good mutations, the recipient will presumably have more children, if they are bad mutations, the recipient will presumably have less children, the bad mutations are concentrated in the lumpen proles and the good mutations in the natural aristocracy.



But it still doesn’t really help the individual; evolution and the concentration of good genes in reproducing individuals help the reproductive community, a.k.a. nation.

Salmon die after they spawn, presumably so they won’t keep swimming around and eat the eggs, or so that their decaying bodies will feed the things that feed the next generation.  We would expect a bear to quietly cheer for the hunter who kills his neighbor, so he can then move in on that territory.  Up to 50% of baby alligators are eaten by adult alligators.

The continued existence of the reproductive community is what every sexually reproducing organism lives for in the biological sense, even though alligators eat their young.  Whites are much easier to convince to sell their own nation out than Jews.


Nationalism the impulse

Humans have an evolved desire to feel themselves to be part of something greater than themselves and be willing to sacrifice all that they are for it.  That thing is supposed to be the reproductive community, that has reproduced itself up to this point and needs the individual’s efforts to continue.  Cucktians say that instead of the nation, Christcucks should support Jesus, SJewWs say that instead of the nation, faggots should support transhumanism; at least the Cucktians give a plausible sounding explanation for the desire.

They say it comes from God.  This, the insistence on souls, is the most harmful part of the Cucktian religion.  By defining humans to be separate from other animals, we lose track of important parallels between human behavior and animal behavior and the fact that everything about human behavior must have an evolutionary description.

At this point, the more thoughtful Christcucks will say that God meant for everything about human behavior to evolve the way it has, and point to the fact that Mendel was a Catholic monk as evidence that institutional Christcuckery has always supported a scientific view of human nature.  Then those institutional Christcucks will continue following spiritual leaders that support mass importation of subhuman garbage into countries where that subhuman garbage will go about the business of defiling churches.


Nationalism the philosophy

Individuals don’t necessarily understand their patriotic impulse any more than they understand their impulse to romantic love, in fact, they are told emphatically to “channel” their patriotism and romantic love into dildos.

An individual can be socially engineered, i.e. lied to, about his nation.  Nation-builders, chieftly Cucktians, will say that by imposing a history and a language and shared cultural experiences like Disney movies on a people, they can be forged into a nation, if only there is the will.

Individuals can also be socially engineered to channel their romantic love into faggotry and transfaggotry.



After defining racial or subspecies distinction to be one of behavior, and nation to mean an actual biologically reproducing community, I would further like to define a relijewn as a meme that attempts to subvert to its own ends a person’s natural patriotic impulse.  Commjewism, Social Jewstice Warriorism, and Jewstianity are examples of relijewns.

Oðinnism, a.k.a. Åsätrü, is sort of a relijewn, depending on how seriously you’re into the faggotry aspect, versus trying to distance yourself from both cucktians and atheism+.  To the extent it subverts patriotism towards self-promotion, it’s a relijewn.

I would further like to define that the proper term for someone infected with a relijewn is a cuck.


Cucks and kikes

Margaret Thatcher replied to a journalist asking why she sank the Argentine boat that she dedicated what she had to, history would vindicate her, and poofters and trots in the media don’t care about anything but bringing her down.

She couldn’t say cucks and kikes.

Now we can.


In fact, we can even post ^ this kind of thing ^

Nationalism and White Nationalism

White nationalism only makes sense in White settler states like the US, European nations need their own local nationalism, since Whites in the US are a nation in the sense of all being part of the same reproductive community, while European nations are each their own reproductive community (that’s nations as reproductive communities, not countries).


White Nationalism and Menachem Moldberg

Menachem Moldberg offered us goyim that the subhuman street crime jihad could be ended if we openly surrendered to Fnarglwitz.  Unfortunately, he did not write his observations as a book, get it vetted by the rabbis in charge of every major publishing house, and published as the furthest right the Overton window will ever be allowed to slide.  Thanks to the Internet, things like Moonman exist, further to the right than what I am prepared to post (link is to Moonman’s album The Lunatic, so you know what to search for when it gets shoahed from Jewgle JewTube).

Moldberg’s post against White Nationalism was against it not as a philosophy, but as a political strategy.  Andrew Anglin replies to Moldbug.  Anglin says that in the future, each individual will have a choice, SJW all the way or total fascism.  Moldberg appears to think that the Bs of the BDH faction can avoid shoahing themselves long enough to shoah all the OVs.  But the Bs are already getting shoahed by gay niggers and we just watched them nervously try to justify the execution of people like themselves.  It looks like the signalarity will occur among the signalers.


I mean, sure, White women don’t deserve to get shot at even when they’re reporters.  But for the dude who was with her, and who had tried to hang out with Victor Flanagan after work – Flanagan went after the people who had been nicest to him, thus the people he recognized the most, not the people who had casually snubbed him, thus the people he didn’t think about – like a trap in a swimsuit, if you can’t see it, you deserve it.


I just realized that I need to pad this out to 1488 words, so,

A nigger, a kike, and an American are walking down the beach.  The sheeny sees something shiny and starts digging in the sand.  When the coon sees bling, he shoves the shyster aside and grabs it; it is a magic lantern and a genie appears and offers each of them one wish.

“Oh genie,” says the hymie, “I wish my people were freed of oppression and returned to Israel.”

“Granted,” says the genie, and the heeb vanishes.

“Oh genie,” says the jigaboo, “I wish my people were freed of oppression and returned to Africa.”

“Granted”, said the genie, and the velcrohead vanishes.

“And what is your wish?”, asks the genie to the American.

“So the niggers are all in Africa?” asks the American

“Yes”, says the genie.

“And the kikes are all in Israel?”

“Correct”, says the genie.

“Then”, says the American, “Can I have a coke?”


by the way check out my previous science post, what to replace sexual orientation theory with